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Baby Meme [21 May 2013|12:22pm]
Sarah and Liv

A. Natalie Caroline Rogers
B. Virgo
C. No one is quite sure whose wish it was, but the wish fulfillment aura surrounding the end of that Secret Wars world, after the two finally admitted their attraction after a long time - and a long struggle with the altered Secret War - led to Liv's pregnancy.
D. Dancer's build with long red hair.
E. 1. Definitely showed either evidence of the serum, or simply good genetics in walking by five months, dancing by a year old. 2. Natural ballerina and acrobat with high level superhuman agility, reflexes and coordination. 3. Met James Rogers once and was intensely creeped out by the thought of (maternal) Grandma and (paternal) Grandpa having sex. 4. Exiles Road was a hard place to raise a child, but 13 years later, so far, they've managed, and for it, she's intensely resourceful and versatile. 5. Liv had a chance to go home once - and was informed if she didn't take it, she could never go home. She chose to stay with her wife and daughter, even if it meant permanent life on Exiles Road.
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Heaven Beside You, Hell Within [02 Feb 2013|09:38am]
They finally had a chance to rest. Sarah had taken a beating... again, and needed it badly. Despite these times, she hates the downtime. The team often needs it, and its an opportunity to heal, before whatever the next jump is going to be, sure. But when there's something needing doing, something needing planning, there's no need to think. Here, she barely knows these people - they wear familiar faces, but once again, not the same as the versions of them she remembers... but at least they could give the Exiles beds and food for whatever brief time the Tallus would let them stay.

As she so often did in these times, she drew out her necklace. The one she had to wear at all times, lest it not come with them the next time they jumped. She looked at the little strawberry, dangling, spinning a little from the slender chain. After a few moments, she opened it, looking at the tiny picture contained within the locket, of herself and Molly, with Disney's Safariland in the background.
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Re-post from lj comm for easy access to info - Sarah world bg [28 Jun 2010|12:34am]
Sarah's homeworld is similar to the Nightmares of Futures Past setting presented in X-Men, the world Rachel Summers came from. This particular nightmare came about when reality diverged at the time of Secret Wars, and the heroes and villains taken to BattleWorld never returned.

With none of the most veteran X-Men, no Professor X, no Avengers, etc., several events had drastic differences in outcome.

Inferno still occurred, but this time without Madelyne Pryor, and without the X-Men or Avengers to temper the event. It went on longer, with a higher fatality rate and level of destruction, until Cypher/Doug Ramsay was able to decode the technorg virus. With this knowledge, he and the X-Men were able to defeat N'ast'irh and S'ym, both infected, as well as all other technorg enhanced demons, but at a great cost - the decoding and breakdown of the virus also killed Doug's best friend Warlock, a sacrifice both were aware of.

Following Inferno, Apocalypse chose that as a time of weakness and struck, attempting to gather a mutant army, with no Charles Xavier or Magneto to oppose him. He was defeated and driven to the Middle East, where he and his horsemen remain, with Warren Worthington, metal wings and all, still serving as Death, the Juggernaut fills the role of War, Selene, former Hellfire Club Black Queen acts as Pestilence. The last Famine was killed by Polaris, and the replacement remains unknown.

Following the threats, the Mutant Registration Act and the Sentinel program both passed by a huge margin, and the mutant menace was a major paranoia throught the US. Most of the remaining heroes of great renown were hunted down and imprisoned or killed.

Some of the more notable remaining figures :
The Fantastic Four still exists. Four Freedoms Plaza is still whole and undamaged, base for the new FF, and rendered impregnable to the sentinels through a selectively permeable force field generated perpetually by Susan Richards... Sue herself is in some type of coma which no one has been able to contact her through. She survives on life support and constant care, but seems, in this state, to be able to generate the field perpetually, allowing 4 Freedoms to act as a safe haven for dozens of mutants and sympathizers. Anyone seen entering is automatically assumed to be a fugitive, and the building is generally believed to be at its limits for number of people it can sustain.
As for the FF themselves, caretakers for the residents, and some of the few remaining active heroes; The FF is led by Franklin Richards, a massively powerful psychic. He is married to Julie Power, who has absorbed the powers of the rest of her siblings - when each one died, their powers flowed to her. She is the last of the Power children. Luna, daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal was trained as a spellcaster by her aunt, the Scarlet Witch, and serves as the third member, while her Inhuman bodyguard, Karnak, rounds out the team.

The X-Men, led by Cannonball and Exodus, are more focused on mutant survival than co-existence. They currently act as freedom fighters and defenders of an underground railroad for mutants.
Their primary members are Cannonball, Husk, Ghost Dance (James Proudstar), Mirage (married to Ghost Dance), Aurora (her ability to pass mutant detectors more than makes up for her unstable personality), Tarot, Cypher, Polaris, and Exodus.
Forge is currently training the teenage children and youunger adherents to Xavier's dream. Husk alone has had 3 children by 3 different fathers (fathers all deceased), with the Guthrie clan continuing to produce mutants. This provides some friction within the X-Men, as none of Dani's children have survived early childhood (she's had 3 children with James, all killed by sentinels). Aurora had a child with Walter Langowski before his death, but wants nothing to do with it. the bearlike Kodiak was adopted by Forge and trains with the team, along with Forge's own daughter, Reflex. There may be other teenagers involved.

The other end of the underground railroad is England - a long and dangerous trip for mutants, but once there, the British Isles are fairly safe, as is much of Europe from there. England itself is protected by Excalibur, led by Brian Braddock/Captain Britain, Shadowcat, Magik, Psylocke and Union Jack IV.

Sarah and the rest of the New Avengers have made a significant difference in the fight against the sentinels, but the situation remains dire, at best.
For those interested, her temmates, as presented in What If #114
Bravado : son of Thor and the Enchantess. Strong, durable, and natural talent for sorcery.
Mustang : son of the Hawkeye and She Hulk - green, strong and tough, though not at the level of his mother, and uses a bow with a 20 ton pull.
Firefly : shrinking, fire generating son of the Human torch and the Wasp
Torrent : Weather controlling daughter of Storm and Wolverine
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Character Updates [10 Mar 2010|06:13pm]

Iason is a surprisingly complex character. He's recently become wealthy - by accident. He's got a girlfriend he's very fond of, but like almost everything else, keeps a little distance from, trying to think of the relationship as 'trying monogamy for a while'. Raised around Eternals and cosmic beings, he's very much part of the Eternal mindset, doing things with forever and endless tomorrows in mind. He's also continuing to build onto his hobby collection.

Needs to happen: Nothing, really. He's remarkably consistent, and prefers to keep everything a little distant, trying not to interfere too much without divorcing himself from his team, his girlfriend, or mortal affairs in general. Eventually I'd like him to go into space and deal with that side of himself, since ultimately, he's more of a 'cosmic' character than almost anything we have, but he's a good fit for the Avengers while they need some extra muscle.

Plots: 12-Step Program

Lucas is my white knight, the one who is destined to be one of the truly good guys, and I like him there. Its not that he hasn't had drama or angst, or needs more. More a matter of he's got the coping mechanisms and mentality to weather them, find ways to deal, and then reach out his hand to help other people along. He's very much in love with his girlfriend, and generally content with his role as one of the ultimate support people on the X-Men without needing to be a leader or front-liner.

Needs to happen: He and his girlfriend need to have some very serious talks about the future.

Plots: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, then taking it easy for a bit. He'll be along when the X-Men go to the Amazon

Crosshairs is crack, pure and simple. She can fit in with the MNG society, but she's never going to be a regular growing and developing character. She gets broken out for fun. She's completely off her rocker and generally amoral, but in a fashion similar to, but not identical to her father, Deadpool, when he's written for a support part in team comics, not in his own book. She's totally fixated on 'guns, guns, guns', including referring to Guns & Ammo as porn - yeah, that girl ain't right.

Needs to happen: Some social interaction where her type of broken won't detract from the scene. Also hanging out with her dad some - including putting his severed head in a bowling ball and using it as a throwing weapon to see "if that Mystery Men thing works" (it won't). Her meeting Melanie would also be amusing.

Plots: She might be involved with some of the street stuff.

Solver is not a character, first and foremost. He's a plot device. He is appearing in this role in the 12-Step program plot. He will never be anything but a baby or a plot device for anything major. In his setting and context, he's rapidly changing the face of the world, mostly for the better, but also causing the Avengers and others problems because its too easy to lean on the tentpole.
In MNG he will be a baby, appearing in about a year. Mega-baby, but still a baby.

Needs to happen: He will be born eventually, to the cutest straight lesbian couple ever.

Plots: NPC in 12-Step Program

Talia is the Shroud's daughter, and takes after her dad. She's less super hero herself, and more 'mastermind-for-the-good-guys' with her fingers in tons of things. She's more likely to tip off the good guys, make contacts, point people in the right direction, etc. than get heavily involved with anything herself, which is how she prefers it. That might change a little if I really had a lot of drive to make her a main character, but I'm quite comfortable with her in the background as a manipulator. The good guys could use more of them.

Needs to happen: Making more contacts is good. I wouldn't mind having her heavily involved in street level stuff as less hero, and more mastermind, and really show off how well connected and informed she is.

Plots: A couple street-level things

Daniel is a 12 year-old who is too cute for his own good and knows it. He loves sports, gambling and being a bad influence on Scotty and Zoey, while not being 'too' bad. He's rough around the edges, kind of like his dad was, but a good guy when it comes down to it. He's also starting to crush a bit on Ellie Rasputin, and not sure how he feels about that.

Needs to happen: More Daniel-Ellie rp. Eventually, hanging with the F4 could be fun, but he's not mature enough to be a full time hero.

Plots: None yet, but trouble with Ellie is being pondered

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RP Meme [24 Jan 2010|01:29am]
Where and when did you start rping?
Spring 1983, AD&D, I didn't like it. Three months later, early summer, a friend got me to try the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes game, and I loved it, so usually count that as the first real gaming.

Do you prefer first-person comment spam or prose logging?
I bounce comfortably. Journal rp - usually prose. Real time, I'm totally comfortable with either, based on who I'm rping with.

What was the first character you ever played?
That first D&D game I played a Dwarven fighter. First char I gave much of a damn about was playing Thor in Marvel Super Heroes.

Who's your favourite character to play now, and why?
Currently, I think it'd be Sarah Rogers/Crusader in Exiles. Her canon was interesting, but since then, the character has both really spoken to me, writes her own stories comfortably, and feels like I've kind of made her my own - as well as having been playing her for almost 4 years now, and seen her really change and grow, and not always for the better.

What's the longest you've ever consistently played one character?
Consistently? Probably Sarah, actually. I've played Thor in different places for longer, but not in the same games all the way through.

What's your biggest rp pet peeve?
Someone else posing my character's reactions/actions/intent in their posts without consulting me first.

Do you read rp secrets and the anon meme?

If you've played in public before, do you prefer community or journal based games?
Community, though parts of this group of players has kept me coming back to journal rp.

Would you rather play with someone who's very very ic but a mediocre writer or someone who isn't always ic (but not terrible) and a great writer.
Online? It depends on the definition of great writer. For me, in a cooperative game, that includes communicating with other players and working on storylines. If their take on a character's actions make sense enough for the story to proceed, then great writer with their own take on a character.

Do you have an "rp partner"?
No, some people I play with more often, but that's more people who work on plotting with me more then single prefs. I like rping with new people.

Do you ever stalk any casts, games, or players?
No. I can be very flirty in chat and all, but I'm honestly harmless.

In your opinion, which part of an app is the most difficult/annoying?
Test scenes. I like writing the rest, but I'm never happy with my own test scenes.

Are you one of those people who has to customize their character's journal layout and userinfo?

What was your first game?
First I bought for myself and ran was Marvel Super Heroes advanced set

Are there any canons you avoid tagging characters from?
Not so much avoid as some I prefer. Super Heroes and Star Wars are my bigger fandoms.

Most memorable scene in any thread?
I'm not sure. Right now the current stuff in Exiles is dominating my brain though. Beth and Stacy have helped with awesomely funny.

Do you rp sex?
With people who express that they're comfortable with it, absolutely.

Do you play more males than females?

What won't you rp?
I don't know.

Dressing rooms?

Ever rped a pairing?

Favorite place to play: musebox, open posts, public games, private games?
Multiple types of games have their benefits. I think LARP with a damn good group was the overall best experience.

Talking rp with someone else who plays your character: fun or awkward?
Usually fun
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Christmas meme [21 Dec 2009|10:19am]
1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? – We didn't really have either on Battleworld, though Mom kept trying to approximate hot chocolate. We kind of compromised and had a sweetened tea that I've been trying to figure out how to duplicate since.
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Dad wrapped them. I don't think anyone else has ever been so precise about their gift wrapping.
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? With Dad? First few years there wasn't enough supplies to really decorate a ton, so we did without. Once things were more settled, the Rogers' family always had the most amazing display of lights.
4. Do you hang mistletoe? We didn't have mistletoe. I heard about it though.
5. When do you put your decorations up? Once we had managed to work out the calendar, Dad put them up December 1st. I wasn't allowed to help til I was 13.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish? Not sure there's equivalents to anything on Battleworld exactly, but I always miss the smell of baking filling the house.
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Every year, Dad and I would stay up and sit on top of the base and watch for Santa Claus. Even in my mid-teens, he insisted he was real, and we kept up the tradition. He'd always find a shooting star, comet, or something to point out as Santa Claus coming. I still can't sleep on Christmas til I at least check.
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? See the above answer. Santa never precisely came to Battleworld. It was a very small community with no way to shop, just the machines and scrounging around the alien wilderness for stuff, so we always had a pretty good idea who was giving who what. But Dad still insisted he'd met Santa, and not in a 'talking to little kids' sort of way, and, well, its Dad.
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No. We didn't have much, so extra gifts weren't really possible, and once we learned how to use the computers, everyone knew what we were getting anyway, for the most part.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? The easiest things to use as trees around us were the crystalline structures in the region adjacent to us. They really looked amazing with different colored lights shining and blinking through them.
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it.
12. Can you ice skate? Yes
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? The first time Dad let me use the shield as a toboggan, long as I didn't tell anyone.
14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Spending time with Dad. He loved Christmastime so much.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Mom's Christmas cookies and sweet tea.
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Watching for Santa with Dad, but since I already mentioned that one, hearing Uncle Kurt singing carols in German.
17. What tops your tree? We didn't have a tree, really, and nothing worked quite right on the crystals but lights.
18. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Giving
19. Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum? Yum
20. Favorite Christmas Show? We didn't have TV, no real answer here.
21. Saddest Christmas Song? I’ll Be Home For Christmas. It has a whole new meaning for me ever since we left Battleworld and spent our first Christmas away from home on sentinel Earth.
22. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Silent Night, in German
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