☆ ☆ ☆ Maybe I need some rehab or maybe just need some sleep I've got a sick obsession, I'm seeing it in my dreams ☆ ☆ ☆

000: друзья только - friends only 2/2/22 (10:52PM)
mood : in love
music : Ke$ha ♪ Your Love Is My Drug

Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep. I've got a sick obsession, I'm seeing it in my dreams. I'm looking down every alley, I'm making those desperate calls. Im staying up all night hoping, Hit my head against the walls. What you've got boy is hard to find. I think about it all about it all the time. I'm all strung out, my heart is fried. I just cant get you off my mind

~Ke$ha ♪ Your Love Is My Drug
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000: введения - introduction 4/13/20 (9:08PM)
music : Wonder Girls ♪ Tell Me

Introductions are always hard for me. I've actually been working on this for days, believe it or not :[
But I've felt compelled to do it. So there, here it is.
My name is Morgan. My nicknames include, but are not limited to: Morgie, Morgy, Moggy, Mogitha, Mogs, Mog, Morgasm, Mo-Mo.
My birthdate is July 19th of 1989.
My boyfriend and I have two dogs; Female fox bull terrier~ Rosie
Male Speckled Spaniel-Pit Bull~ Chubbs
They're the best.

I don't have a boyfriend, which means that I am a straight female, who's also single. Being single doesn't make me happy or sad, I'm very indifferent. I don't want to be "happy and single", because that usually constitutes looking for a new boyfriend. I'm not. I'm not looking for anything or anyone.
I don't think this will change any time soon.

I am taken and happy and I don't want that to change.
I'm single again. My ex-fiancee beat the shit out of me. I left, I'm happy.
I'm taken. My boyfriend Brad and I have been together nearly a year. July 05, 2009 is when we got together. We're in love.

I've been growing out of anime recently, even though most of my graphics are of the anime genre. (They're easiest in my opinion). The anime/manga that I still enjoy include; Chobits, Burst Angel, Gatcha Gatcha, Excel Saga & Popotan.
I do not have photoshop so there are no more graphics from me. Sorry.

I love probably every single music you could think of. I enjoy country occasionally (Sheryl Crow, Sara Evans, Reba). My favorite bands include but are not limited to; The GazettE, Alice Nine, Flyleaf, The Birthday Massacre, Tsunami Bomb, Monsters Are Waiting, From Autumn To Ashes & You Say Party! We Say Die!

I am currently looking for a job and/or surveys/medical studies that pay well.
I might be getting a job at Best Buy.

I am not in school. I graduated high school May 2007, I am not enrolled in college because I don't know what the hell to do.

Unlimited text talk and web from Getrooo~.
Haters, lovers all may text, loves.

Oh! And my graphics community is located at [info]crowded! But now it's old and unused because of my lack of PC.

I am terrible at making friends, so please bear with me. But once you are attached, you'll be sucked in for life. ♥

Because people don't believe that I'm real. Proof. Proof.

I had a myspace, but now I don't. Don't ask me why. My woman-beater ex-fiancee deleted it because he got jealous. What a punk.

So this is Morgy, signing off... for now.
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9/26/10 (2:58PM)
Hi everyone, I've been pretty busy with school and work, so I'm sorry for the lack of updates.
I however, for some reason, always have the time to update my LJ.
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5/4/09 (10:50AM)
I'm better at updating my LJ.
I'll still be here occasionally. But LJ is where it's at yo.

Your Ugly Extremity
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HAI -ANUS 8/9/08 (3:20PM)
I'm going to be on Hiatus for quite a while.
Mogitha @ Deviantart.com
Mogitha @ Myspace.com
Mogitha @ Gaiaonline.com

I love you all.
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6/15/08 (6:18PM)

[info]kipi & [info]idols!

[info]kipi for anything Kipi related.
[info]idols for anything about your favorite asian female idol.
Doesn't matter who it is, as long as you love them.

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