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User:rubyfruit_pixie (14247)
(no userpics)
Interests:150: alternate pairings, angst, anime, art, backpacks, bacon, black, blue, bondage, books, cats, cheese, chocolate pudding, clouds, computers, cookies, cooking, creativity, crossovers, cute things, dark, daydreaming, dissing anti-female slash, disturbing behavior, dolls, doujinshi, drabble, drawing, dreams, dvds, ecchi, elegant gothic lolita, fairies, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, female characters, femmeslash, final fantasy, fire at will, fluff, food, fries, gamecube, gate keepers 21, girlish things, good fanfiction, green, hentai, het, hypnoerotica, hypnofetish, hypnosis, ice, ice cream, icons, illegal livejournal interests, imagination, individuality, insanity, kairi, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kiwifruit, larxene, lemons, limes, lipstick, loud, love, makeup, manga, markers, midis, mind control, mind control sunflower hats, mixtapes, mon colle knights, mp3s, mst3k, music, nail polish, namine, nintendo, no doubt, non-canon couples, non-con, obscure pairings, oceans, odd pairings, opinions, orange, original characters, overrides, peculiar 'ships, pencils, pens, pepsi, pink, pop music, princess peach toadstool, purple, quistis, rainbows, ranting, reading, rivers, rock music, romance, rozen maiden, sanity, sarcasm, shipping, shojo ai, shoujo, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, simple plan, singing, skating, slave fiction, smut, snow, songfics, songfiction, soul calibur, spring, stars, stickers, stories, strange pairings, strangeness, sugar, sun, super smash bros. melee, swimming, the bizarre, the internet, toast, toasters, tv, video game fanfiction, video game music, video games, waterfalls, weirdness, writing, writing fanfiction, yaoi, yuri.
Schools:None listed
Friend of:1: zannechaos
Account type:Early Free User

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