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September 19 2008
Some things I looked up this morning: BSA motorcycles, and more particularly the Victor 441 of the late sixties; Horkay Istvan, contemporary collagist from Hungary; artist's books; Max Ernst's Une Semaine de Bonte, a graphic collage novel published in 1934; the COBUILD Corpus, a database of English language texts that allows the user to query for sentences containing a word or search string; Secret Ballet, a novel by Detlev Fischer written exclusively by sampling sentences from the Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary, which is based on the COBUILD Corpus; The Punishments of China, an 1804 book of engravings featuring methods of capital and non-capital punishment found in China at the time (available at the NYPL Digital Gallery); and a Wikipedia article on Windows Clipboard. Weather is warm but not too warm, with a bit of high cloud cover. I think we're going on a cub scout nature outing tomorrow, so if the weather holds, that will be a good time. People were telling me that the fall Nature Trek is better than the January Winter Trek, for obvious reasons. At lunch walked down to the mall, got 50 bucks and checked out Jackson Mac Low's Stanza's for Iris Lezak, in case I need to read it this weekend. I've never made it all the way through this book, but lately I've been wondering a lot about collage and that includes the sort of word collage that Mac Low constructed from existing texts. Finally realized that while I'm done with the freshman access reports I had been working on, there are at least two more that I need to do to update something we have on the web.
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