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Hello out there. [21 Jan 2012|03:57pm]
[ music | Give 'Em Hell, Kid - My Chemical Romance ]

This shall be my first journal entry, about who knows what. As I write this, I'm currently watching some old western on the hallmark channel and wondering when we'll start packing to move. To a different city for the second time in my life, so it shall be nice when it happens. A new change of pace and scenery may be just what I need to lose weight. That's been a struggle and a half, though I'm not eating nearly as much as I used to thank God. He keeps me on track when I remember to pray and give him thanks. I've been writing more recently too, fanfic and roleplay. It feels nice to have such a creative outlet and be able to continue writing.

Seeing as I've had a rough few years with my mind not being in the right place, hearing voices these days which can be kind of daunting. They tend to say the same repetitive things over and over again. Never a good thing. Anyway, guess that's all I really need to say. If anyone out there is interested in weight loss, doing it together or even just keeping the encouragement coming. You can check my blog out in the userinfo, it's basically about trying to stay on track and keeping going. It can be hard when your body hurts the way mine does, very hard but I'm pretty determined to keep going even if it's slow at first.

Thanks for listening,

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