19 February 2010 @ 04:42 pm
Yet to have a title: Chapter 3: Arrival  
Chapter 3


A/N: Finally, yeah?

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25 January 2010 @ 08:32 pm
Yet to be Titled: Chapter 2  
Chapter 2

A/N: I should be reading Crime and Punishment but oh well. I'm a lazy bitch :D

Please excuse this chapter for being exessively long. People with amnesia are hard to deal with.

And oh, she was asleep for 3 days and she has been awake for roughly a week (this chapter is set on the 6th day she was awake. Night time.) (Events that had taken place with in this time frame would be explained...hopefully if not I'll dedicate a special chapter 1.5 for it<3)

Thinking fast is also awesome. I wonder how can someone think long paragraphs with in seconds?

EunAe's POV

I was too busy talking to ChunHei to notice someone had opened the door. I was shocked to see someone else inside my room. The first thing I noticed was that this intruder--I mean person is really tall (aside from the fact that he is a man). This man was taller than anyone that I knew (which is just Doctor Jang and ChunHei well excluding the people on that box called television since I never saw them outside outside of that box). First, I thought that ChunHei is already the tallest person that I knew (since she was taller than me, and I was taller than Docot Jang) but this person who just entered my room proved me wrong.

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