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............lol scribbld. [19 Feb 2009|12:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | You Raise Me Up ~Inori~ | Lena Park ]

Huh, well that was a nice break of sorts.

Frankly, I wasn't planning to use this journal again however, I'm falling out of contact with a lot of friends, and since so many of you use this site daily rather than say, LJ or IJ, I'd rather take a little extra time out of my "busy" day to sign on here and use this place rather than some other.

What's new? Nothing really. I've been RPing a lot lately, specifically as Haruhi Suzumiya. In a crack RP >: With [info]zerofiles as Itsuki, lol. We made her ~pregnant~. Although her pregnancy isn't as cracky as the other one in the RP... I think Shota Cat is the dad? XD lmfao. We've already decided on a gender and stuff though. Her name will be ~SEKAI~. Geddit? 'Cause Haruhi is God. And God made ZA WARUDO.


Aside from that, nothing at all. MY LIFE? INTERESTING? You're kidding right!?

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