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Cody Bateman ([info]sparklingblues) wrote,
@ 2011-09-30 23:16:00

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Cody Bateman


Name: Cody Bateman
Residence/Hometown: Ohio
Age/Birthday: 15, born the 17th May
Gender/Sexuality: Homosexual.
PB:  Chris Colfer
Any notable differences from the pb? He is a little bit smaller than the PB, but apart from that very much the same.


School/Magic Stuff

Wand: He has an Alder wand, 12 ¾ inches, with a Phoenix Feather Core, Surprisingly Swishy.
House and Year: Hulett, fifth year
Schedule: Music, Combative magic.
Strongest subject in school: Charms
Weakest subject in school: Defence Against the Dark Arts
Extracurricular activities: Drama Troupe and debate team
Boggart and Riddikulus: Upon being faced with the Boggart in turns into a big burly giant in a football jersey. After performing the Riddikulus jinx (when it works for him) it slips on a banana peel and explodes into a pile of glitter.
Amortentia smells like: Shampoo/moisturiser, Perfume, Books, Car oil.
Patronus: A warbler
Animagus Form: He doesn’t have one. If he did though, it would be a cat.


Immediate Family - Cody is a muggleborn. His father, Rick, is a mechanic, who taught Cody the tools of the trade. His mother, Joanne, is a shy and unintimidating woman, she likes sewing and works at the local food mart.
Familiar: Owl
Any other relations we should know about: Not yet. ;)


Likes: He’s very much into fashion and his own appearance. Loves to sing, act and dance. Also, has a passion for writing.
Dislikes: He hates bullies and people who are nasty for the sake of it. Dirt and Sport.
Quirks: Very sarcastic.
Secrets: Pretends to be confident, but this is mostly a ploy to hide his lack of self worth.
Strengths: Quick tongue, his boldness in tough situations, common sense, intelligence.
Weaknesses: Self-consciousness, Over-sensitivity, physical strength.


Detailed personality: Cody is a 15 year old, who knows who he is. On the outside he is attractive and very talented when it comes to fashion as well as having a way with words. He loves to sing, but is often mocked for his unusually high voice. He is very sarcastic and opinionated, however, this is a tool he uses to hide how he’s actually feeling. He prefers to keep all that stuff inside hidden, he uses clothes to distract himself from the things he hates about himself. He has low self-esteem, but he doesn’t let anyone close enough to find that out.


Personal History: Cody grew up in a small country town, where most people weren’t very accepting. He knew from very early on that he was different, whether it was his high voice, the fact that he loved playing with Barbies and dressing up in his mother’s sensible heals or perhaps that he could make objects fly to him when he was too lazy to pick them up. His parents were kind and loved their son no matter what, but they couldn’t help but feel sadness when Cody came home from school with detention or with a black eye. You see, the other kids never appreciated Cody for his charms or kindness and tended to pick on him, because he was smaller and weaker. Cody tried to defend himself, but didn’t stand a chance physically. He did, however, learn to have a very sharp tongue, which sometimes landed him with a very confused buffoon. Other times however it landed him in more trouble. The family were excited to find out that Cody was a wizard, it was quite a shock to realise that the wizarding world had existed right under their nose this whole time. At first Cody’s father, was nervous about letting him go, but thought it might help Cody with the bullying problem. Cody’s first few years at the school were fabulous on the educational front, however, he still had trouble fitting in and is yet to make any real friends. It seems that people are people no matter how magical they are. However, Cody is determined to study DADA to help him out. Whilst also using his skills in charms to alter his uniform in fabulous ways.

Contact Information:

AIM: danisawake
E-mail: danisawake@gmail.com

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