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Movies [17 Jul 2008|12:07pm]
The following at all the movies i've seen in the last month or so: There's Lots:

Kung Fu Panda
The Happening
Get Smart
Love Guru
Wall-E (twice)
Hellboy 2 :The Golden Army

I have basically lived at the Movie Theater..kidding
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Sighs [26 Jun 2008|04:51pm]
Man...bills....I just wish that a bunch of money would just fall right into my lap...just like everyone else in the world. But, honestly...damn...it would really help. I want to pay them off it's not like I'm trying to avoid them..just not enough of the cash...damn...need a sugar daddy...sigh...and a solid job....yeah....
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1 day short of 41 weeks Wow [08 Jun 2008|10:49pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I'm not upset with Manda anymore more, and I'm not using the normal journal nick name i give her because I want some certain people who are reading this to know who I am talking about.

She was basically the spark to the fire of the moving to Florida. I was very bitter and upset with her for a long time even though I still talked to her. I had decided not to get into anything detailed with her about my life here. Things have gotten a lot better between us in the last few months but tonight was the bigger kicker into "We're Okay"-ville

She confessed about how much she missed her life in Castle Rock, she re minces and gets depressed about how much she misses it. She actually wants to be back in that little town with Draxil, Ren and I.

She misses all the good times we had at the outlet bookstore. She misses her male self Draxil and how they would talk about Buffy and Angel and Small Ville for hours on end. She misses the smart ass comment wars she would get into with Ren.

She misses the random trips to Walmart we would make in the middle of the night. She misses Good Times (we all do). I told her that both of the guys told me they miss it too, even if they wouldn't even admit it again.

She is depressed that we are all on different corners of the US now, which we are. She never told me before how much we affected her and how much she does miss it. She is so a female Draxil, she will be going to Bartending School just Like Draxil wants too.

She told me how she wishes we were all back together again, and how good she thought we had it for a short time. She wishes she could have talked them into Staying into Colorado. I told her that she does not know how much I miss that damn apartment and how I want it back too.

She just wants everything back after a year! Things would be different now if we all got back together because we have all changed over the course of a year. But, there's no doubt in my mind that it would be good (for the most part lol) again.

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40 weeks and 1 day [04 Jun 2008|04:29pm]
I was suppose to hang out with my friend Logan today, but once again the plans fell through. Every time we make plans it falls through like the morning of, I think I need to stop telling my aunt about when i go out. Because every time I do things fall through. We;ve made plans like 4 times in the last month and each of them have fallen through.

He called me, of course it woke me up, he asked where will we be hanging out I said let me call you back I think my uncle is home today, (he works a rotating shift and today he was sleeping all day due to working all night) So I text him that as implying that my house was out. It was like 30mins later cuz I was still waking up. He texts me asking me "How about it?". Me not getting what he's saying texts back "how about what?" then he texts me "Where we at today?" I then text him back "I don't know, where are we?" then I don't hear from him like 45 minutes so I text "Okay have fun doing whatever you do today." and I haven't heard from him since. I just now changed out of my pj's

He is another person I talk to that is annoying as fuck,surprisingly I really wanted to see him today.He does have his good points. I don't care so much about today as long as he comes over to see me when my aunt and uncle are gone next week.
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40 weeks [03 Jun 2008|04:56pm]
Well it's 1 month until my birthday today. My aunt and uncle will be leaving for Arizona in a weeks days. L and Roldy said they would be coming by which is pretty cool. Avon thing is starting up, I got a call from Liberty National and almost every pizza hut in town is hiring...but their website sucks. DUN DUN DUN!
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39 weeks and 3 days AVON [30 May 2008|02:20am]
[ mood | surprised ]

Oh My Gosh...I think I'm going to be an AVON salesperson. It's better than nothing and I can do it while I'm looking for a full time gig. I don't think AVON tests on animals so I'm cool. Funny thing is...I don't wear make up.

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39 weeks and two days [29 May 2008|04:07am]
[ mood | depressed ]

so it's after 3am and I'm watching a marathon of suite life of zack and cody on youtube. It's bad how addicted I am to that shower. Damn kid shows! I was thinking about my cousin being here, that I haven't actually spoke to him and my main rp partner going back to Washington State. I am also thinking how both remind me of the rut I'm in.

My cousin Visited for Christmas he came few days before the actual holiday and I am thinking about how better off I was then , than I am now. I could actually drive my car around to help me find a job and I could leave the house whenever I felt like it (if I had enough gas and/or gas money) I can't drive my car because I have out of state plates with expired tags and no Florida based Insurance for it. I finally got a copy of my car title here but I don't have the money to change over the rest of the plates and tags and insurance. Yeah, I'm a bit loser-ish now. Well more than a little. I don't like to and I don't normally get down on my self but when hardship after hardship compacts with each other into a circle of debt it kind of is staring you right in the face. Keep in mind I have a lot of other bills that I need to pay and don't have much money to do it with.

Thinking about my main RP partner moving is worst. She and her Aunt (oh I am really starting to hate Aunts in general) basically screwed me over and I had no where else to go so I ended up here. Little did I know how much the job market sucked down here. I guess that is what I get for planning a cross country move in about two weeks. I was so focused on getting my things in Colorado in Storage, saying goodbye to my friends, making sure my car made it to Florida, paying for the hotel, paying for gas, trying not to get lost on the drive, trying not to go crazy from boredom and loneliness driving alone in a car for two days and honestly getting laid before I left Colorado. I didn't think to take an in depth look at the job market around me. That part I screwed myself, but the whole reason I'm here I did not....well...I kind of did for not getting the terms of living with my RP partner and her Aunt over the summer in writing.

Jayson (RP Partner) and I had a dysfunctional friendship more like a rivial, fucked up Platonic marriage. Once a girl that we worked with asked me if we were a couple. I told her that we were both straight, I don't think she believed me. I told Jayson that Later on and had a good laugh about it because we thought the girl who asked me that was a Lesbian. Ironic more so I guess but funny non the less.

Anyway she got jealous because I had met a Guy over the summer and since we lived together she was there when I got the phone calls from him and all that jazz. I didn't spend as much time hanging out with her, I'm almost much tidier than she is, I don't waste energy and I don't bang on the bathroom door when your roommate just stepped out of the shower yelling about how I need to Pee!

So she started telling her aunt this and they basically tagged teamed me saying that Jayson and I both had to be out by a certain time no matter what! THey were both hardcore about this and Jayson was worrying about having to move back with her parents and all that. I come to find out after I moved that Jayson still lived there with her Aunt. She was suppose to help me by moving all my stuff into this storage place that her parents had. Well when my friend Josh went to keep it up all the stuff I had left at her Aunt house was still there and he told me that it looked like she had still been living there for awhile. I had a feeling before but that really pissed me off.

Yes, I still talk to this girl almost on a daily basis. She is a much better long distance friend than she is a friend to hang out with, not only because of all the crap I just wrote about but she is also a fat enabler or fat comfort friend. Every time I would talk about how I'm losing weight and how I think that my weight gain was actually medical she would have a fit.

I wish I took inventory of all my stuff back in Colorado and sent the list to Josh, cuz I don't know if she kept any of my stuff or not. I'm not too worried about my clothing and all that. Cuz I know she doesn't like my clothing, but I'm a collector and we have similar taste when it comes to that stuff. I have collected a lot of stuff, also some of my tech stuff, supple stuff, and cd's all that. Everything that I couldn't fit into my little car.

Thing is After I moved I got stuck and she's moving back to her beloved home state and I don't know if she's going to get stuck. I hope she does for like some Karmic Revenge for what happened. However, me saying that is putting bad Karma into the world and I'll get it back i think like three fold? She also has everyone she grew up with back there and I have....lets see....my aunt, uncle and three friends...two which are best friends and I haven't talked to them since early April and the other annoys me most of the time, but he has his good bits. But, since I can't legally drive my car and he lives on the other side of town, I don't get to see him much.

After all this, even given my irrational fear of age deceasing what I wouldn't give to be set back up into my Apartment with my two guy roommates, who both mean a helluva lot to me..and one I was sexing it up with, a steady job, working car, honesty awesome net connection on my lap top, and to basically go back to the happiest years of my life. I would give...a lot...of almost anything I had....Hence the fact that I need to keep trying to move forward.



Do any of my readers role play online? Cuz I have this game I would like to start and since my main games are technically taking a break. I know I'm going to feel the bite of the RP bug soon enough.

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39 weeks [27 May 2008|03:21pm]
[ mood | blah ]


Well no job still looking I feel like there's a break coming soon...in a good way.

My Aunt Frances mother is dying, she is very elderly, they switched her meds and the meds caused everything to taste badly for her and she won't eat. She's barely eaten anything in like a month so everyone is coming to see her. My cousin and his girlfriend are coming here tonight and seeing his grandmother tomorrow.

My Aunt is  mad at our side of the family because she sent an email out to everyone saying that her Mother is dying and her in laws (my grandparents) have sent her joke email after joke email and haven't replied to her Mother dying email. I agree that is pretty fucked up, my grandparents even sent a card to my ex boyfriends family when his grandfather died. His grandmother died days later.

The Family is supposedly having a family reunion sometime next year, we think My grandmother just wants her "good" kids around her for a time. It's not an actual family reunion. My aunt has now refused to go because of them not replying to her mother's email. She had given them many of the benefit of the doubt regarding this subject and all of them have fell threw. My Grandparents just didn't reply, I told her maybe they were sending a card and it hadn't got here yet. She doubted like i did.

My Grandparents don't like my Aunt Frances and on some bits I can honestly see way, she can get annoying as fuck. But, She is a good decent woman whose just a bit of a flake and can never get anywhere on time.

Speaking of my Aunt, she called me just after she got to work this morning asking me to clean the  bathroom and that she had an idea that she needed info from me for. I was hoping it wasn't to move all my stuff out of my room so my cousin and his girlfriend could sleep in here because to make this room proper for guests would take a lot longer than the time I have now before they get here. Only reason why I think this is because that my room actually has two beds in it and there's two of them.

I called her back she was in a meeting, I called her at about 12:30 it's just about 3:00 now so I'm guessing it's not that important.

Other than that my main RP partner is moving back to Washington State in two days so when I go back to Colorado she won't be there. I still have a beef with her regarding some things some very important things. But, they have lost their bite considering how long I've been in Florida, She's moving to a different state, and that my other friend has all my stuff in storage. Only thing I hope is that my friend has all my stuff and my rp partner doesn't purposely or not take some of my things. She had them before my other friend took them and we have fairly similar tastes  and there was one box of supple stuff I said she could use but not have. But, I can't really do anything from this distant and my friend that has my stuff doesn't know what's what so can't blame him there.

I also got a bill from my old apartment complex...we moved out almost a year ago to the day! This is the first time I have ever heard us owing them any money. So I emailed my old roomies, one said he'll send whatever money he can , one said he will try. It's all I ask really. I got a check from my mom that was like the prefect amount well off by 2 cents But that will pay for that. Then my old roomies will just send me the money whenever they can.They might be jerks at times but they will come through when you need them.

well must go.

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38 weeks & 2 days Another Chapter [22 May 2008|06:54pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Oh my aunt nancy the bitch

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38 weeks and 1 day more stuff [21 May 2008|07:03pm]
[ mood | okay ]


Okay so today was less drama free I don't think I will be getting an email back from my aunt and I'm cool with that. I didn't plan on replying to it if she sent one. Rude Woman and I use the term woman lightly.

I'm suppose to go gambling with my aunt that I live with on Saturday. I'm hoping that we still go because I've never been gambling and hey I might win some money that could help me pay off some bills. We would be going to Biloxi, I've also have never actually been to Mississippi I've driven through it and seen the Mississippi river but that's it. Wait, I stopped to get gas when i was driving to Florida.

I did my normal thing today cleaned,cooked, applied for jobs, wrote a bit. I'm basically a live in maid.Logan also got back from his Vacation today. I was oddly happy that he was out of town so I didn't get annoyed by him, but missed having my friend in town. Honestly he is eye candy and I like looking at him, now if i could just get him to be quiet it would be better. That was kind of mean but true he does annoy me,I think a big part of it is that I don't think his voice matches his personality.

I can't wait til I have a break through with a job just to be working again will be such a relief even though it will be tough the first two weeks-one weeks before my pay check.

I have been trying to work on my writing now, in this time i have had off I could have finished a piece of decent length but being stressed out for my doesn't help my writing process and I have been stressed. Also I get sick a lot since I've moved it seems like every other week something is wrong with me. Oh Well, must keep going nothing is going to get better if i don't keep going.

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