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The Gauntlet Comes @ 21:46


All right. I've held this in long enough.

Yes, this is a rant, so you are warned. It's not going to be pretty.

Still here?

Hokay. You have indeed been warned.


In a nutshell, I am SICK AND BLOODY TIRED of CHARLATANS thinking they can RP a blind character and pull it off well without doing research. These same people, when found by those who actually ARE blind, get all up in a tiff and cry "It's only fantasy!" Yes, it may only be such. And fantasy, yes, allows for magic and other things.

But for Hodr's SAKE, people, get some BRAINS and know what the hell you're DOING! Blind and seeing auras? Please. A full-sized HORSE as a practical guide animal? Please. Seriously, people. You make me laugh. You make me sick and you make me understand why I'm such the misanthrope that I am.

You people are beyond stupid.

And worse, you think you're doing a decent job at it? Dear gods, people, research!

The white cane did NOT exist until 1940.
The dog guide did NOT formally exist until 1927!
And no, they didn't get beyond mainland Europe too much until after Morris Frank.

These charlatans make me sick. They should not be allowed to play until they've been put under the blindfold for eight weeks. Then they might have SOME idea of what they're doing.

Okay. I'm shutting up now.

-----End Rant------


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Rounding the Horn

With Fire in the Sky