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Movies! [Saturday 12/01/2008 @ 21:16]
[ mood | calm ]

'Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor' on DVD.

[info]minnie13 gave me the special edition for Crimbo and omg. So. Much. Love. (The stuff they took out which I have on my...other copy, I didn't actually miss until I realised that hey, hang about, isn't Igor supposed to dance with Svetlana? But in the end, it didn't really matter.)

The deleted scenes...GOD. I wish they'd kept these in, because it's fucking amazing stuff. And gives so much to the overall narative. I love the way the subtitles are done and I'm looking forward to watching the commentaries with the director and with Sergey Lukyaneko. OMG! The deleted scene with Igor and Alissa! That should be in the film, not as a deleted scene extra omg! I'm not sure about the US release of this, tbh. This edition is 2 disc, the first disc is the US theatrical release with commentaries by the director and writer, which I haven't watched yet. The 2nd disc, which I did watch, is the Russian theatrical release with English subtitles and commentaries by director and writer. The extras are all, bar one featurette, with English audio options. I'm peeved that the one featurette doesn't have English subs or dubbing even, b.c that was the one I wanted to watch most.

But like I said, I'm not sure that this special edition is a worldwide release. It's as rare as hens teeth and fuck hard to find. Also, the version I had originally, which I'm keeping, omfg, has more scenes in it again that aren't in the Russian theatrical release or in the extras. There's several: The fight on the roof is longer; Svetlana telling Anton she cursed herself is longer; Anton being brought back to Night Watch after the fight with Andrey and Larissa is longer and gorier; Olga and Anton in his flat is longer; Anton and Kostya doing face off is longer.

And finally, the English translation of 'Final Watch' has a pre-order! At long fucking last! It's out in June. YAY!

'I Am Legend' a short review.

I liked it - I thought Will Smith was surprisingly good in the main role. While I think 'The Omega Man' is still the best interpretation filmically of the novel, this was actually pretty good. I'll probably buy it when it comes out. God, the scene with the dog was SO SAD. The way he was carrying her back to the car and oh. So sad!

Mum loved it, which actually surprised me a lot, I didn't think she'd like it as much as she did. I'm glad she did though. I have read the book and it was pretty faithful to it. I liked the way you could see his character slowly unravelling and losing his sanity, he did that really well.

'The Golden Compass' review.

Saw 'Golden Compass' with [info]minnie13, [info]spacebovine and [info]jasminblack. Loved it. Apart from Lyra who I wanted to throttle for the most part, everything else was fabulous. So much love. And also, before purists leap on me for the movie vs. book? I have not read the books. So whatever you say will make no difference on how much I loved this film. I will, however, be seeking out the books now, and hope very muchly that New Line will be doing the next one in film, because yayness!

On the bad side of life, pulled muscle in bad wrist, very, very sore. OMG so sore. It was 42oC today and omg so hot.

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Coding take 8971329048760219654. [Saturday 12/01/2008 @ 21:07]
[ mood | aggravated ]

FINALLY. A layout I like and can live with in S1. Geeze!

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Oh thank god [Friday 11/01/2008 @ 03:05]
[ mood | frustrated ]

*FINALLY* my css overrides have worked to my satisfaction. It only took me 3 hours. -.- Bah.

Now I go collapse into a heap. Bloody hell.

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These are the things that keep me awake at night. [Thursday 10/01/2008 @ 05:47]
[ mood | aggravated ]

RTD really is a complete nong. Seriously. There's an article on Torchwood TV [SPOILERS] where he carries on like a complete knob. I've been annoyed about this ever since I read it yesterday, but it woke me up at 5am b.c I was still annoyed, so I had to go leave a comment. Behold: (No spoilers in this bit.)

"Davies goes on to say, "And is a comedy. You're going to hate it; ming mongs [aka fans] hate comedy episodes."

Sigh. Way to go to harsh fannish squee, Davies. Every time that man opens his mouth and condescends on the fans, I wonder if he realises that it's *because* of the fans he has a job at all - fandom loyalty to a show is so important.

And the fact is that while he may think the comedy episodes are funny, they're generally really very unfunny and not terribly witty. He keeps using the word comedy, but I do not think it means what he thinks it means. He needs to ask Joss Wheadon how to write successful comedy within a genre show and how not to alienate fans by using condescending and twee terminology to describe them.

Honestly, I love DW and TW, but RTD is his - and the shows - own worst enemy every time he opens his self-indulget mouth.

Seriously, you twunt, get over yourself and go back to writing school. Oh, and while we're at it, go to school and learn how to treat your fans better than this. Gah. And I was so thrilled with the scene that's been doing the rounds, I really did have high fannish squee and that little piece of condescending twatwaffle knobbery has really pissed me off. Just. Don't speak, RTD. EVER.
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Review of '28 Days Later.' (Reposted) [Wednesday 09/01/2008 @ 15:32]
[ mood | calm ]

I got up to watch '28 Days Later.' Creepy, horrible film. But then, I'm not good with horror films at all and this was gave me the fucking wig. I'm not really a fan of Cillian Murphy anyway. I digress. The first ten minutes with the monkeys in the research facility were enough to make me go "Okay, this is going to be a Very Depressing Film," although I couldn't help but laugh at Panicked Lab Man telling the animal rights activists that the Virus Of Doom they were researching was....rage. Rage, thought I, how naff.

And then it stopped being naff and became like 'The Omega Man,' which, for its time was also very fucking creepy. Cillian Murphy wakes up to an empty and deserted hospital in London. He goes wandering, meets some people who are also okay after being chased by hungry zombie like humans who are refered to as The Infected. This leads to various scenes with exposition to explain to viewer and Cillian what had happened - the UK had been quarantined after the rapid spread of the Rage Virus and people were either dead or The Infected. So after discovering his fam are all in the dead column, and having one of his new friends get bit by The Infected, there's running about deserted London until Cillian and girl character end up in an appartment block where Mad Eye Moody sans eye is holding down the fort of his appartment with his daughter. His was a very cool character. I liked him and his daughter a lot.

He's picked up some transmission from Manchester from the military so they all pile into Mad Eye's cab and drive there after taking a tunnel, getting a flatty, changing the tyre and being chased by The Infected. This was one of the few points that my 'OMG EW EEK' was shoved aside in favour of 'Now, if you know that these HORRIBLE ZOMBIE INFECTED THINGS live in the dark, WHY do you choose to take the fucking SHORTCUT THROUGH THE DARK TUNNEL when, yanno, that just screams ZOMBIE INFECTED HANG OUT OF DOOM?' Which, yanno, Cillian's character is saying to Mad Eye quite a few times, only to be answered with gleeful laughter and the like. Brian Gleeson, you were well fucking cast as crazy people.

On the way to Manchester, they stop at a supermarket and pillage it, which yeah, I totally would do the same. They stop at a gorgeous ruin in the country and have a picnic, watch some wild horses, stop at a petrol station and Mad Eye shows the world how to syphon petrol from a petrol tanker. Don't try this at home kids, petrol tastes foul. They get to Manchester, and there's fires everywhere. And I'm like, 'THIS IS GOING TO END HORRIBLY OMFG.' The military blockade is there all right, but empty. So they're poking around and Mad Eye is all 'argh, not fair, woe,' when he sees a crow and is swearing at it to sod off, only said crow is eating dead person (EW, BTW, for the graphicness,) and a drop of INFECTED blood splashes into Mad Eye's eye. Which leads to what you can imagine.

Military dudes pop up to save the day, hurrah, and take the three of Cillian, the daughter and the girl character to their spiffy compound of power which is commanded by none other than Doctor Who. Sorry, Christopher Eccleston. Who, it turns out, despite being a military genius, is COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE. I honestly don't know what wigged me out more, The Infected or Insane Eccleston. It's an even tie. So there are wacky goings on of complete insanity and people die in the bloodiest of ways and Cillian goes a bits nuts for a while too, because the eye gouging scene is not something I need to ever see again, or, in fact, EVER. They go to escape the crazy military compound of insane rapists-murderers who are now Infected and Insane Eccleston is in the taxi. The daughter saves the day by driving the taxi backwards into the doorway and one of The Infected lunges through the back window and pulls him out of the taxi. And eats him.

Then Cillian and the girls escape to a nice rural farmhouse, he is healed after a bullet wound, they make a big sign of the word HELLO out of sheets and curtains, are spotted by an overflying airforce plane (after the previous military experience, wouldn't you be a bit, oh, I don't know, LEERY OF MILITARY PEOPLE???) and are waving and going YAY. And then it ends.

And I had nightmares about The Infected zombie people and Insane Eccleston and his band of crazy soldiers and Cillian gouging eyes out and OMFG I AM NEVER WATCHING THIS FILM AGAIN!

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