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The Top 3 Reasons Paris Rental Apartments are Better than Hotels [05 Feb 2013|09:14am]

If an individual, a couple or a family is planning to take a vacation that will remove them from the stress of their professional and personal lives, Paris should be considered the ultimate destination. Paris is one of the best cities in the world to visit and a place that everyone should visit at least once. With that said, individuals should make sure their next trip is to Paris! A trip to Paris does not need to be expensive, as long as individuals choose to stay at Paris apartments rather than hotels.

There are many reasons why renting one of the many Paris apartment rentals short term is infinitely better than booking accommodations at one of the well-known hotels in the city. Below are the top three reasons why renting Paris rental apartments for short term stays should be an individual’s number one choice in terms of accommodation options.

Reason #1: Save money

One of the greatest attractions and reasons why it is much better to choose Paris apartment rentals short term over high-end and luxury hotels is simply because individuals can save a lot of money. Just the term “high-end” and “luxury” should be a giveaway that the rooms, accommodations and services will be very expensive. If individuals really want to ensure that their vacations in Paris will not break the bank, they should consider staying at one of the affordable and conveniently located rental apartments in this extraordinary city.

Reason #2: Prepare your own family meals

While Paris may be known for its extraordinary restaurants, eating out every night can be very costly. If individuals choose to book accommodations at one of the hotels in the city, they can expect their budget to be depleted on food alone. On the other hand, if visitors choose to book one of the affordable Paris rental apartments that come with kitchens and dining utensils, they can cook for the whole family or group. Aside from being more affordable, preparing food at apartment rentals can be a lot more beneficial for one’s health and that of loved ones’ health.

Reason #3: Enjoy more privacy

One of the greatest attractions of choosing one of the available Paris apartment rentals short term is that the whole family or group can enjoy a higher level of privacy. Visitors do not have to worry about bumping into a lot of people, sharing the elevator with other guests or having the room cleaned by housekeepers. These are things that visitors will otherwise not be able to enjoy when staying at a hotel.

To book an apartment rental today, visit

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The Advantages of Choosing Apartments in Paris for Rent Short Term Stays [05 Feb 2013|09:13am]

If an individual is in need of an exhilarating vacation or a one-of-a-kind adventure, consider visiting the beautiful city of Paris. A visit to this majestic city does not require visitors to spend thousands of dollars, as long as they consider booking one of the more affordable apartments in Paris for rent short term.

Visitors can enjoy many benefits if they choose to forego staying at expensive hotels and instead choose to rent apartment in Paris. Below are some of the major advantages of apartment rentals in Paris over luxury hotels.

1. Short term rental apartments in Paris are more affordable

Luxury hotels, which offer all the amenities an individual can possibly think of, charge very high rates for their rooms. If a visitor has money to burn, then by all means he or she should go ahead and book a room at one of these expensive hotels. On the other hand, if a traveler simply wants to visit all the attractions the city offers without breaking the bank, then he should reserve comfortable yet affordable apartments in Paris for rent short term. This way a visitor will have more money to spend on his vacation beyond paying for expensive accommodation rates.

2. Paris apartments eliminate the need to tip hotel staff

When visitors choose to stay at an expensive hotel in Paris, they will not only spend a great deal of money on the reserved room, but they will also be obligated to tip the hotel staff that provide services. This can cost visitors a significant amount of money that could otherwise be spent on enjoyable activities. If an individual wants to get the most out of his vacation budget, then he should rent apartment in Paris instead of reserving a room at a hotel.

3. Apartments in Paris reduce dining costs

There are also a number of apartments in Paris with fully equipped kitchens where visitors can prepare meals. Most of these apartments are furnished with everything that a guest would need to create delicious and nutritious home cooked meals. In addition to being able to eat meals personally prepared and ensuring that the food consumed is healthy, eating at a rental apartment will eliminate the burden of consistently eating at expensive restaurants.

Booking Paris rental apartments helps visitors save money during much-deserved vacations. Rent an apartment in Paris and make the most of a trip to Paris. Book an apartment at

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Paris Apartment Rentals: The Perfect Choice for a Family Vacation [05 Feb 2013|09:11am]

Planning a family vacation to beautiful Paris? If yes, then the best choice is to book one of the many Paris apartment rentals available. When it comes to apartments in Paris France short term options, there is plenty to choose from. In addition to being the perfect choice for vacations for the whole family, these apartment rentals will also offer guests more ways to save money. Saving money while on vacation means guests are more able to enjoy all of the attractions, sights and adventures that this culturally rich city offers.

Choosing one of the many affordable apartments in Paris France short term options will help individuals make the most out of their family time. To get the most out of a family vacation in Paris, there are some crucial & effective tips that can help families save money while touring the majestic city of Paris.

Tip #1: Avoid booking rooms at expensive hotels

Why reserve a room that is incredibly expensive when most individuals spend most of their time in Paris sightseeing? After all, the point of a vacation to the city is to see and do as much as possible. With that said, if an individual does not have any need for any expensive hotel amenities such as Olympic size swimming pools or large gyms, then forego the extremely high rates being charged by these hotels. Rather than booking rooms at expensive hotels, choose to stay at one of the low cost Paris apartment rentals available throughout the city to save a considerable amount of money.

Tip #2: Prepare meals at “home”

It's fine if an individual wants to splurge on a family dinner at an expensive high-end restaurant in Paris since it is a special occasion. However, if travelers want to save money, it is more cost effective to prepare meals in the comfort of a rental apartment. There are many apartment rentals that feature cooking equipment and dining utensils, so guests can easily choose to eat at home rather than in restaurants.

Tip #3: Book a rental apartment in close proximity to the best attractions in the city

To save more money, consider booking available apartments in Paris France short term leases, which are in close proximity to the best attractions in the city. This helps eliminate the need for expensive transportation. Instead of using money to travel from one attraction to another, simply walk to the attractions from conveniently located apartments.

For more information and to book an apartment today for a family vacation to Paris, visit

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Paris Apartment for Rent Offers Convenience and Affordability [05 Feb 2013|09:11am]

Paris is one of the first places that come to mind when planning an extravagant getaway. Luckily, there is no need to worry about accommodations in the city, as there is a plethora of options available. Whether an individual’s vacation budget is tight or a larger budget is available, prospective visitors of the city should consider booking one of the many available Paris apartment rentals that dot this popular destination.

If a small vacation budget is available, individuals will find many of the various Paris apartments for rent easy on their pocketbooks. Aside from being considerably cheaper compared to the rates associated with booking accommodations at hotels in the city, there are many other benefits of choosing to rent an apartment. Below are some of the benefits individuals may enjoy when they choose an apartment rental over a hotel:

• Guests can cook and prepare their own meals.

• Guests do not have to worry about tipping hotel staff.

• Guests do not have to deal with noises or nuisances from other guests.

• Guests can also enjoy less travel worries and expenses if they choose to book one of the Paris apartment rentals in close proximity to the sights and attractions.

As evident from this list, there are so many ways visitors can benefit from when they choose to stay in apartments rather than the costly hotels found in the city. However, where does one begin his search for the right rental apartment? The answer is through Paris Address.

Paris Address is one of the best sources when it comes to comfortable Paris apartment rentals that are affordable and luxurious. This website is transparent with its rates and provides customers valuable information about rates, locations and much more. Their rates include the rental fee for the apartment, water consumption, gas use, electricity consumption, cleaning services, sheets, towels, Internet connection and local telephone calls.

A few great examples of comfortable yet reasonably priced rental apartments offered by Paris Address include the following:

1. Bell12: This short term rental apartment located in Ile Saint Louis offers guests the perfect relaxing setting.

2. Bell5: If a group consists of four people, then the Bell5 in Ile Saint Louis is ideal. The rent includes all of the modern amenities a person may need.

For more information, visit This booking website has a large selection of available Paris apartments for rent that are moderately priced and chicly decorated.

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