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000⇢ friends only [Apr. 1st, 2030|11:41 pm]
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the banner lies. friending and journal is open.

This journal won't contain much at first as I try to get back in the hang of blogging again. (I'm a little forgetful, I'll admit it.) Most of it will probably be public-worthy. Nothing too personal-- not here, anyway. The main point of this is to know who's watching me, really. Just comment with why you think you're awesome enough to friend me.

Common interests are really all you need. That and don't be a complete and utter jackass around me. I'm not here for your fucking popularity contests, I'm just here to chill out, so don't piss on my parade and I won't piss on yours. Thanks.

After you're added, feel free to read more about me here.
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⇢mailbox [Jan. 24th, 2020|03:25 am]
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If you need to get ahold of me for some reason, say something, whatever, comment to this post. All replies are screened & anon is on if you feel like being sneaky.
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