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Sample Post: Drums of War [09 Jul 2010|08:08pm]

Batman sits at the computer in the cave, mask off,  retracing all of the information he’s gathered so far. The mob families are preparing for war. If Don Falconeri’s granddaughter Adela is not found alive and whole in the next forty-eight hours, Gotham will become a war zone. There will be blood in the streets, and innocent people will suffer.

He will only get one shot at this.

He goes over the photos from the crime scene, noting that the window was smashed outward, not inward during the break-in. The kidnapper came from inside the house, and made their way outside.  Coupling that with the tracks from the boots on the floor leading from the front door and straight to the room, the kidnapper knew who he was looking for the moment he entered the house. He also knew Adela’s parents, as there was no sign of struggle before they were both shot at point-blank range. Batman knew the kidnapper was male from the length of the tracks and the impression on the carpeting. Male, likely 6’2, 230-250 pounds.

The door wasn’t forced open, but the signs of a lock-pick weren’t present, so he had a key. If he had a key and knew where to find the girl, the kidnapper had been briefed beforehand.

Bruce pulls on the mask and heads to the car. “Oracle, get the police to Don Falconeri’s and make sure he doesn’t skip town. I have a lead on the girl. Falconeri took her himself to start his war.

 I know where she is.” he says as he leaps into the car and guns the engine. Moments later, he’s speeding off into the Gotham night to find a young girl being used as justification to start a gang war.

Batman will not let it happen.

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