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Year-in-Fic meme for 2007 [01 Jan 2008|12:00pm]
WARNING: HERE THAR BE SPOILERS for everything under the sun that I write about. Seriously.

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Resolutions [01 Jan 2008|12:00pm]
Happy New Year!
So, it's time for the annual resolutions.

First of all, from last year:
1) To be more fiscally responsible.
2) To pay more attention to the world.
3) To improve my writing some more. Let's try for writing something at least five days a week.
4) To stop being such a lazy bitch and quit procrastinating on my homework. Hey, it worked a little bit! Who says eighth time's not the charm?
5) While I'm not procrastinating on homework, let's try not procrastinating on RPG posts and emails as well.
6) To be a good GM for Fool's Gold and keep it happy and growing.
7) To be a better friend.
8) To try and take life in stride more. Shit happens, and anyway, who can say what is good and what is bad?
9) To try and exercise more, so stuff like throwing my knee out doesn't happen.
10) To try and achieve more of my dreams.
11) Swear less.

1) I tried. I think I managed for the first half of the year, though the second half, not so much. I finished the summer with more money than I began it with, but first semester of the 2007-2008 school year did not end well. I think I shall stamp this one plausible and add it to next year's list.
2) Definitely didn't succeed on this one. I have this bad habit of retreating into a bubble and not paying attention to worldwide events. It's not a good habit, and I think I still need to work on improving my awareness of the world around me.
3) This I did manage. I wrote rather a lot this year (53 fics and that's not even counting unfinished stuff, the 7000+ words of Kyrie, and all my original fiction). I think I can count this one upheld.
4) Actually, this one seriously worked. I got all my stuff done and turned in on time but for a small problem with a couple of papers that was due largely to my computer dying. I'm doing much better on procrastination all around. Bonus points for me.
5) See 4.
6) I think I was a good GM. FG has grown, anyway, beyond anything I ever expected of it, and it's thriving. I am happy with this one.
7) I tried, anyway. I hope that I succeeeded.
8) This I think I actually succeed at. True, there were times when I needed to rant or speak to someone to regain my equilibrium, but things like a late midterm, or a late flight? Didn't faze me. I think I'm doing well.
9) Heh. Well, I lost a lot of weight. We'll stay with that.
10) I did this. I wanted to learn to knit, and I did. I wanted to begin to learn Mandarin, and I did. I wanted to get a poem published, and I did. I'm actively working towards my dreams, and more and more of them are coming true.
11) Succeeded in this one too. I are shiny Kat who only swore when seriously provoked.

So, for this year:

1) Be more fiscally responsible.
2) Write at least a little bit every day.
3) Read at least a little bit of something I enjoy every day.
4) Start exercising.
5) Stop picking at my acne and use my blemish stick twice a day.
6) Brush my teeth and floss every day.
7) To keep being a good GM for Fool's Gold.
8) To not procrastinate over my homework or other obligations.
9) Attempt to get over my phone issues.
10) To look on the bright side of life and people.
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