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Kyrie annoyances [14 Jan 2008|05:22pm]
I've hit a brick wall in Kyrie. I know where I want to go after this, but I've got a scene to write between "now" and "then," and I have no idea what I want to put in it. Small talk, presumably, but it has to be story-significant small talk, stuff that hints Maggie has secrets and stuff she's not willing to talk about. Presumably Malcolm does too, though he's a much more open person than she is.
Hmm. Maybe if I look at the scene as character development. I can show some of Maggie's recklessness and some of her evasiveness, and give Malcolm a chance to show off that godawful sense of humor of his (what, you thought Harry got it from nowhere?).
Still. Rrrgh.
Also, which is the more annoying faux-endearment? Crumpet or dumpling?
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