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[20 Mar 2008|02:47pm]
"The old Doctor continually shows his disapproval of my actions by being both difficult and bad-tempered."
Oh, Marco. He's always like that.

ETA: A moment of fridge logic. Why do all the tents have doors?

Son of Edit: ....I just got bit by an epic crossover bunny. The villain in this particular episode is like an evil Medjai, and I totally just thought, "Man, Ardeth Bey would kick your ass." Sadly I cannot write it as Ardeth Bey to the best of my knowledge was not around in 1264.

Daughter of Edit: I love that the Doctor totally makes friends with Kublai Khan just by being grumpy at him. Basically they're grumpy at each other for a few minutes and then end up complaining about their aches and pains together.
Also, I really would love to see someone try to execute the Doctor. "STOP GETTING UP, YOU BASTARD."
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I have absolutely no intention of explaining this. [20 Mar 2008|10:53pm]
Title: Doctor Air
Fandom: Doctor Who/Avatar the Last Airbender
Spoilers: None, really. I suppose technically The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, but not really.
Rating: PG
Summary: Doctor Who as it would have aired in the Avatar Universe. As I said, I have absolutely no intention of explaining how I came to write this.

Script Format Ahead )
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