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Charities Post [22 Mar 2008|03:42pm]
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I like to help out. I'm sure you do too. I, for example, feel like I need to give something back to the world after being so incessently lucky throughout my life (stable family and home life growing up, access to travel, educational materials, computers, books and various interests far above that of my peers). So I tend to keep an eye out for charities, and when I have money, or time, or gifts to buy, I look to them first. Though this is mostly for my own benefit, you may find this post helpful too. I will update and postdate as it becomes possible.

* marks a charity that requires nothing but time.

*The Hunger Site and associates. Here you can donate money to world hunger, free mammograms, children's health, children's literacy, rainforest preservation and food for shelter animals, all without any cost to you beyond about five minutes. The site works by providing a button that leads you to a page full of ads that donate money based on the number of views they get. The ads are attractive, not pop-up and not otherwise irritating. These sites (six related ones all working on the same principle) also have some wonderful stores for gifts.

*Freerice, a site where you can play a vocabulary game and donate rice to the hungry at the same time. Get a word right, and you donate twenty grains of rice. It's a fun way to end world hunger, and free as well. Highly recommended.

Donors Choose, recommended to me by Bex. I believe it was also recommended by the Colbert Report. Teachers submit proposals to the site for various projects that they do not have the materials or the budget for, and people can choose the project to donate to. I think we can all agree that our schools need more money. This site is an excellent start.

For the crafty folks, The Snuggles Project provides a niftily useful place to get rid of those blankets you knit to keep calm. The Snuggles Project has a list of shelters where you can donate blankets to keep the animals warm and interested. If you've ever been to a shelter, you know they often have to keep the animals in small, cold boxes. The Snuggles Project helps to spruce up those boxes and make the animals just that little bit more comfortable.


Kiva is a site that offers loans to entrepreneurs in developing companies. Somewhat unique in that you get your donated money repaid as time goes on (though I believe you need Paypal for that). The site connects you to the entrepreneurs; you receive email updates. Definitely aboveboard and a worthy cause.

More to come as I find them (or have them suggested.)

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[22 Mar 2008|09:01pm]
[ music | She Hates Me--Puddle of Mudd ]

This is a rant. You've been warned.

So recently I've been seeing increasing amounts of "why the hell don't people review my stuff" on F!S, among my circle of friends, on fanficrants, etc. People seem to be getting fewer reviews and they seem to be pissed. This is natural, and it's been said, so I'm going to concentrate on something that hasn't as far as I know been addressed.
Gift fics.
Would it fucking kill you to tell me you read what I wrote specifically for you?
I mean, seriously. I write giftfics all the time, and most of the time people are good about at least telling me that they enjoyed it, or were happy that I wrote it, or enjoyed that one joke about the roosters, the potatoes, the Fifth Doctor and Harry Dresden. I love this kind of feedback, but I can do without it. All I really want is an acknowledgment that you read it.
Yes, this is becoming a minor problem. Some of the giftfics I wrote recently? I got all sorts of feedback from my friends, and even from my beta, who really doesn't have to review these things since she sees them first. But the people I wrote them for? Nothing. Zip. Nada. It makes me feel really inclined to not write giftfics again, I tell you.
Are they trying to tell me the fics suck? That they don't like them? That's okay. At least let me know that you read the damned thing. It's like sending a package to someone and never hearing back if they recieved it.
I know I'm late with these fics. But I don't have to do them, that's the kicker. I write these things for you because I like you. Don't reject them like this. It makes me feel like you don't like me, and I really, really hate feeling like that.
Jesus. Common courtesy.

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