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Yuletide! Thank God. [12 Nov 2008|04:34pm]
Dear Yuletide Writer:

I have very little to say to you, actually. I think my prompts speak for themselves, and I would like to invite you to take them in any direction you choose. I love surprises. Play with them and see what happens.

Mostly, I just wanted to say that as you may have gathered from my rather self-pitying posts recently, I have not been having the best of times in life. You, you lovely wonderful person, you, can only make me happier. Have fun! Make things go boom. Enjoy your writing. I hope you enjoy your Yuletide as much as I know I'm going to enjoy mine.


If you happen to be a Vorkosigan fan... Miles vs. Captain Jack Sparrow would be made of awesome y|y.
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Fic: Lost in Translation [12 Nov 2008|11:19pm]
Title: Lost in Translation
Author: TigerKat24
Recipient: draickinphoenix
Assignment: Harry/Murphy...what happens after the end of the last episode?
Word Count: 2494
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bob is informative, Murphy is incorporeal and Harry is confused.
Notes: Very sorry for the lateness! Enjoy.

This was most definitely not what he meant. )
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