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[23 May 2010|04:22pm]
Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

CASTLE YOU GUYS. Seriously. I know a lot of people hate it because it's not Firefly, but you guys, it's amazing. It's not mysoginistic like a lot of "hotshot guy comes in and does girl's job better" because quite frankly, he doesn't. He has an awareness of mystery tropes and a pretty good knowledge of how cops work, so he can keep up with her, and he gets better as the show goes on, but it's her job. She's better than he is. That's just how it works. And he thinks it's hot, btw. I love Castle.

I also love it because it has that rarest of rare things on a procedural: a hero with a family who does not in any way get victimized. I mean, Alexis gets teary because stuff happened to her at school or because her favorite singer was murdered, but the killers that Castle deals with don't come back to hurt her, and she hasn't gotten kidnapped or attacked or anything like any other show (coughLietoMecough) would do. Keep up the good work, Castle!

Also it's really funny. And I adore Castle and Beckett together (it's the Harry and Murphy show!). And the romantic competitors aren't demonized-- Demming and Castle's various female conquests aren't bad people. In fact, they're very good people (mm, Demming). But they're not the right people.

Basically, Castle just does everything right. I hope they continue to do so.

Day 09 - Best scene ever

Oh man, that bit at the end of The Hub in BSG. "Missed you." "Me too." That scene. I love it so much. SO MUCH you guys.

Or maybe the one in White Collar where Neal (drugged off his ass) tells Peter that he's the only person he trusts, and Peter pats him and tells him not to pick the handcuffs, then goes and saves Neal's ass.

Or the scene in Pushing Daisies where Ned revives the nun.

Or in Middleman where Wendy's making out with Tyler and Ida's watching and the Middleman is all "AUGH STOP AUGH LITTLE SISTER AUGH."

Or in Firefly: "Anyone remember her coming after me with a butcher's knife?" "Wacky fun."... "I don't think she'd actually hurt anyone." "Butcher's knife!" "Anyone we can't spare."

Or that heartbreaking scene in SJA: "This is the best day of your life!"

Or Doctor Who, those last few scenes in End of Time, when David Tennant is saying goodbye to the show and to all the companions on it, or even the bit at the end of School Reunion: "Goodbye, my Sarah Jane!" Or maybe the bit with Ace... "Ace, I don't suppose you've totally ignored my instructions and secretly concocted any Nitro-9, have you?" "What if I had?" "Then of course you wouldn't do anything so insanely dangerous as carry it around with you?" "Of course not. I'm a good girl, I do what I'm told." "Excellent. Blow up that vehicle."

You all get the idea.
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