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ooc; [03 Sep 2020|09:47pm]
Roleplaying Journal
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[05 Sep 2009|09:17am]
ooc; Upon entering the inn with Col. Mustang, Al discovered a computer in the lobby before spotting the slouched dark-haired guy behind the desk. Fascinated with the strange machine, he approached it and, well, this happened.

Wow, what is this? My words appear on the screen?! This world just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I wonder what Brother would think of this. I wish he was here right now...then I know we could find a way out.

I wonder what else these machines do. I wonder if I can take one apart to see what's inside and how it works. It looks complicated.

I guess I should go ahead and get a room here since it looks like I'll be here for awhile.
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