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(song Meme) If I die before I wake, hope I don't come back again [31 Jan 2014|09:01am]
He managed to find them an old, dirty little hotel room after the encounter with the assassins' guild.

She knew something of him, of the Rider, of the demon in his soul. That he could never love her. Not really.

She'd still never seen that side of him.

She'll wake up bandaged, with the smell of strong alcohol filling the room. Some of it was used on her injuries, a lot of it went into Nick to help kill some of the images he saw deep in the eyes and souls of evil men.

He's still there, staring out the window into the dirty streets, wondering what her impression will be when she wakes up.

Its rarely good.
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Baby Meme: Alice Dugan and Nick Salem [11 Jun 2013|09:05pm]
A. Thomas Dugan
B. Scorpio
C. They were going after the same target. Somewhere after the target was dealt with, things happened.
D. Lean and fit for a small child - with bright red hair
E. 1. Everyone agreed that Nick needed no part of the upbringing for all sorts of reasons. Alice married within SHIELD, and the agent is the only father Thomas has ever known. 2. Constant troublemaker - for which Sammy has no end of fun teasing Alice. 3. Only thing that helps keep some of the trouble from being worse, given the sorts of trouble a kid can get into on the helicarrier is amazing good luck. Thomas catches lucky breaks almost constantly - except for those few times he's tried to be well behaved, at which point his luck turns on him. 4. For a small child, developing quickly. Strong, coordinated and clever for his age. 5. Alice gets a small measure of revenge on Sammy every year - because he keeps wanting to go as Nick Fury for Halloween... though he does keep trying to steal Grandpa Nick's cigars to make the costume more authentic.
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Baby Meme: Lyta and Nick [11 Jun 2013|08:50pm]
A. Brian Worthington
B. Libra
C. These things happen, especially when Jose Cuervo gets involved
D. Tall, lithe, blond.
E. 1. Nick disappeared before the baby was born, but Mephisto and demons in general have been nowhere to be seen for Brian's entire life. 2. The Champions largely served as Brian's family growing up - and for it, he's quite the jack of all trades. 3. #2 came in especially useful when his pyrokinetic powers manifested, and he was quickly able to put them to use for everything from cooking to practicing his combat skills with flaming swords. 4. Fell into most of the 'bad boy' cliches - plays guitar, has a false id, likes beer, so-so student despite being fairly smart... but gets 'a bad feeling' every time he thinks about getting on a motorcycle, so he's skipped that one. 5. Has just discovered that by manifesting wings of fire, he can actually fly, so he's just starting to experiment with that.
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Baby meme [22 May 2013|03:08pm]
Nick and Etoile

1. Chelsea LeBeau
2. Scorpio
3. These things happen, even when you're trying to be careful.
4. Dark hair with blonde streaks, pale skin that tans quickly and never burns. Lean, with a lithe musculature.
5. 1. After the third time the baby was kidnapped by someone or other seeking to either raise her as their own demonic princess or sacrifice her for dark power, Nick knew it was time to go. At least he said goodbye - and had tried to make the effort. 2. No one has seen Nick since, but the kidnappings and possession efforts stopped. 3. Chelsea's mutant gifts lets her read thoughts, true natures, see through deceptions, etc. if she can look into someone's eyes. 4. Speaks French with a midwest American accent and English with a slight French accent, and can't seem to shake either one. 5. Still fairly young, but so far, no signs of the demonic heritage have cropped up, and Chelsea remains a sweet-natured kid and total Mommy's-girl.
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Baby Meme [22 May 2013|01:57pm]
Nick and Nikki

A. Chris Coulson
B. Scorpio
C. So. Much. Booze.
D. Thin and pale, but muscular. Very blond hair.
E. 1. Raised by Nikki alone after both agreed that Nick keeping his distance was the best possible option. 2. Hijacked one of SHIELD's experimental hoverbikes and went joyriding. He was four. 3. Its a good thing Nikki has friends and family, because her child was a little hellraiser and constantly into everything. Up to and including Nicholas Fury's cigars. 4. Was finally determined to be a mutant with some kind of unconscious probability manipulation powers. At 14, he's started calling it 'The Devil's Luck', to his mother's chagrin, but things just keep seeming to work out for him. Both with his risk taking, and, likewise to his mother's chagrin, some of the next generation of SHIELD girls. 5. He's finally starting to channel some of his energy into interning with SHIELD's experimental weapons and vehicles division, and has started considering a career in SHIELD someday.
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[21 May 2013|11:53am]
A. Andrei Nikolaivich Krylova
B. Scorpio
C. Vodka and Whiskey were probably involved, but it wasn't /that/ unexpected either.
D. Has his mother's hair and complexion and his father's lean build. Completely white eyes.
E. 1. While perfectly capable of sight despite the eye coloration, he sees the normal world, the Astral plane and any local ghosts simultaneously. 2. Nick tried to be a good father, he really did. He disappeared about the time the baby spoke its first words... in ancient Chaldean, and hasn't been heard from since. The baby stopped evidencing knowledge of dead languages among other oddities since. 3. #1 leads to some pretty severe migranes, which Lyta has spent a small fortune trying to find non-alcoholic cures for. 4. Upon Strange discovering the child could see him in Astral form, he arranged tutoring - and now at 13, Andrei is showing significant talent for magic... though its being kept strictly to white magic, just in case. 5. Considers most of the Champions like family, and especially loves trying to help out Auntie Lyta, and assisting Corey with the cooking.
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Recovery time meme and sexual healing [25 Mar 2013|02:13pm]
The fight with the assassins had been brutal. He'd expected it, but wasn't about to withhold it from her. Especially seeing as he couldn't guarantee the safety of any hostages. They hadn't found any, but they'd found evidence of her family, so its a step in the right direction. Except when he changed back, he'd found her unconscious from blood loss, but she was alive.

He brought her back to his place, not exactly trusting Louisiana hospitals with a mutant. Not ideal, but she'd survived.

She'll wake up, naked and probably sore still, but cleaned, disinfected (and thus smelling of Jack Daniels), and bandaged on the old bed in his garage loft.
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Meme, 5, 15 - menage a trois [25 Mar 2013|07:17am]
This whole no-strings-attached thing starting back up with Lyta had been good. Far as he could tell, good for both of them. Likewise, of course, he was surprised how well things with Irina had been going pretty much since day 1. He came and went as he wanted, so did she, and there was someone in his bed, or more often, hers, whenever either of them wanted. Given their general appetites, that was fairly often.

Better still, both of them made for good drinking buddies. Usually one at a time, but tonight, they'd busted out the whiskey and vodka, and everyone just happened to be around and up for drinking games.
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Cheeseburger (or not) in Paradise [29 Jan 2013|10:40am]
Well, this kind of sucked. Least as far as Nick was concerned. They'd tracked the guy to this middle of nowhere beach and took care of business - but his bike got wrecked. Lyta could carry him a little ways, but not back to civilization - so they're stuck for a bit while he fixes his bike, bit by bit. Takes extra time without a shop to do it in.

"Afraid he nuked my supplies too, unless you want some burnt jerky for dinner. The whiskey is toast though."
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The Spire is Hot [08 Jan 2013|12:28am]
Normally, Nick's sacrilege only goes so far.
Some days, some things are just necessary.

He's been talking for a while with an individual in an otherwise empty church, aside from the occasional movements of the functionary keeping the place up and keeping an eye on things, who leave the pair to talk. Until the tall blond man rises and goes his own way, leaving Nick sitting alone in the open church, looking contemplative.
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Challenge thread [24 Jun 2011|12:20pm]
It had led him here - the demon sense, drawing the rider like a moth to a flame. It had been a long drive, but none of that mattered. Even from hundreds of miles away, he could feel the summoning ritual taking place, the sound almost maddening as these cultists sought to open a portal directly into Mephisto's realm. He didn't know how they'd come by the Darkhold page, and they clearly didn't know what they were doing - but it had to be stopped.

As the chanting reaches a crescendo, moments before the knife plunges down at the naked sacrifice, prepared for just such purposes, the flaming cycle comes bursting through one wall.
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Murderworld [26 Jan 2010|10:15pm]
Links from:

Ghost Rider follows the trail set for him. While its clearly a trap, the demon is very hard to kill and he knows it, and somehow, the aura of terrible sin, and this feels like some of the worst in a city known for its sin at times, has always been irresistable to the Spirit of Vengeance. Nick has let the demon have reign for now, gunning the engine and riding deep into the park after the trail.
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If you're only getting one thing - [23 Dec 2009|10:13pm]
Irina - really good vodka
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