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violet_lily ([info]violet_lily) wrote,
@ 2010-08-25 23:00:00

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Current mood: numb

Some days I want to scream,so others maybe will get a chance to feel this pain inside me. I keep trying to breathe and suck it up,this is the longest relationship I have been in and I'd like to continue it but what are you suppose to do when you feel like the other persons given up? Do you just take it and try your best to be happy with them? That's what I've been doing,I keep letting stuff go because I want it to work so badly for us and for the baby but I feel like I'm drowning and that he wouldn't even lend a hand to pull me out of the water,he's too busy to even notice me gasping for air. I feel like I have no other options if I don't stay here then where? I don't know perhaps its just prego emotions. I just wish this feeling would end...

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