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violet_lily ([info]violet_lily) wrote,
@ 2010-02-19 18:38:00

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*Angry preggo chick on the rise*
So everything today pretty much sucked! First I'd like to start by thanking the government for there wonderful medicaid system. I've been trying to get my coverage for a while now and I feel like they keep dicking me around Grr! I keep having to turn in more paper work and everytime I go, I ask the counselor "ok o you have everything you need now to process my medicaid right?" and they just reply "if we need anything else we will contact you." Which just pisses me off because then I have to just keep coming back and turning in more stuff,when they should have just had everything in the first place! Last time I was pregnant I didn't have any complaints with medicaid but this time they really know how to press my buttons.

Oh and on top of that I found out there is more stuff I need to get checked up for to make sure the baby is gonna make it. Apparently since my bf is mixed I'm suppose to go get our dna tested to make sure it's compatible to make a healthy baby and my bf genes need to get tested for other stuff too..which makes me more anxious to get insurance. :( I dunno I just wish everything would start working itself out. Plus I have to have everything packed and ready by the 27th which is alot easier said then done..since with my hormone changes all I wanna do is sleep! I dunno I just keep praying that everything will work out and my bf will decide to move in with me so he can help out and be apart of everything like he says he is but that's highly unlikely if he lives so far away.

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