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the basement scene is dark and dusty. the musty smell of stale air. cobwebs dangle overhead. people stumble down the stairs. let’s get this party started, yo. the band are in the corner of the floor. their songs are pretty kick-ass. we're dancing like we've never danced before.
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Posted by whimsical on January 17th, 2018 @ 2:18pm
Do NOT want: anyone who always complains but does nothing to make their situation better, focuses on the negative (and see everything negatively), overemotional, clingy, and hates life.

DO want: those who are cheerful, positive, don't let anything get them down, know how to make his/herself happy, don't depend on anyone else, are not relationship obsessed, and love his/herself.

Note: I do NOT respond to friend cuts. My belief is if you want to cut me, then just do it. If not, then don't, obviously. X) I don't care about such petty things such as an OMG friends cut, and I won't go out of my way to ask to be re-added. And while we're on this topic, if and when I do a friends cut, I do not make posts asking people to comment to stay. That defeats the whole purpose of cutting.

rabu rabu~♥?
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