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18th May 2009|08:13pm
Making this post public so everyone can see it.

I'm renaming a bunch of shit, so if you don't see me on your list, chillax, kay? :3 I'll add back accordingly after I get my 1000 icons back. X3!!
Will you take what's left of me?

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The name is ASHE. I've become a rather private person lately and don't intend to update this journal as frequently as I had been. I enjoy movies, comics, and pursuing my dreams, which are photography, and writing; rather proud of how my Blood and Wine series is turning out, which has already been reviewed by artist and editor, Erica Jaquay. Most if not all of my time is devoted to finishing this book now.
The last year has been very changing. I've gone through a lot, and learned a lot. Because of these things, my friends list is not open. I'm not sure when that will change, but at this time I'm very happy with the friends I have, and would like to maintain and grow these friendships before meeting new people.


Watch my life,
Pass me by,
In the rear view mirror
Pictures frozen in time
Are becoming clearer
I don't wanna waste another day
Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes


Cause I want you,
And I feel you,
Crawling underneath my skin
Like a hunger,
Like a burning,
To find a place I've never been
Now I'm broken,
And I'm faded,
I'm half the man I thought I would be;
But you can have what's left of me

I've been dying inside,
Little by little,
No where to go,
But going out of my mind
In endless circles,
Running from my self until,
You gave me a reason for standing still


It's falling faster,
Barely breathing,
Give me something,
To believe in
Tell me, It's not all in my head

Take what's left
Of this man
Make me whole
Once again


I've been dying inside you see
I'm going out of my mind
Out of my mind
I'm just running in circles all the time
Will you take what's left
Will you take what's left
Will you take what's left of me?
Just running in circles in my mind
Will you take what's left
Will you take what's left
Will you take what's left of me?

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