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[31 Jul 2009|11:49pm]
[32] ICONS
32 Transformers (most from PD Type manga shorts) (continued from here)
6 T-shirt designs
2 Graphics for whatever

1.) All icons without text are bases and may be customized. Hell, customize any of them, I don't care.
2.) Please comment! You don't have to, but it'd make me smile. :) As long as the comments are friendly. :);;;
3.) Credit is not mandatory, but it'd be nice!
4.) Posts may be x-posted to various other sites. If you wish to comment, you can do so via anon or, if you have one, as your Scribbld username. Add your LJ/IJ/etc whatever in your comment (myljname @ blogging place) so maybe I can see it later and go "d'awww that's mah bebe." Or merely comment on the post where I linked you.

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