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User:xseurona_sekina (54206)
(no userpics)
Bio:Im pretty nice.
Im intelligent
Im adventurous at times
I love animals/nature
I dont like strangers.
I dont hate anyone unless they give me reason too.
I am easy-going
Im honest
Never done bad things, really.
I can be very prude. sad but true. but I am just as suggestive with things I say as a non-prudest person. mainly cause i joke a lot.
Hoorrribbleee at tell jokes lol, is my profile becoming too contradictious??
Im very random, and by far that is appearantly a reason I am loved by friends xD
I know when to get serious. [serious dont bother if you dont use common sense -.- its very irritating.]
I Love to learn, I find it fascinating too do new things.

I want to go to college for:
Major: Graphic Design or 2-D Design(Animation)
Minor: Pre-Veterinarian [after majoring in GD or 2-D i will turn this into my next major]
Q: why not major in both?
A: Seriously..(σ.σ)...-cricket-

I Love Foreign Guys <3
Interests:5: anime, art, games, i love the following:, music
People2:news, system
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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