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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-05-20 22:56:00

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Current mood: artistic

Prom happenings and pics
It's funny saying "prom" because it makes me feel like I'm in Highschool again though I graduated Highschool 7 years ago haha. man that means 3 more years until my reunion....doubt I'll go.

Anyway, so Goth prom is Thursday and I'm excited. I completed my petticoat tonight and put it on under my skirt, looks great. The top looks good with the skirt because it's the same material. I made a top hat as well. my shitty digi cam takes horrible pics but i tried hard to get one so you guys can see....i think it's lovely and the roses match the corsage.

Sucks because you can't see the fine details and trim :(

These were taken after Charlie's going away party at SCORES in Baltimore. It's a high end "gentleman's club" It was fancy there and we had a lot of fun and we went to College Park to drop off Chris and Matt and ended up staying there and hanging out till we passed out at 6am haha. This is what i looked like that morning when I woke up, Tabby said i might as well have the 1's on me. You should have seen the look this little boy gave us when we were walking to our car in that residential neighborhood that morning lol we started cracking up cuz im sure he thought we were strippers or something.

I look like shit in case you all couldn't tell. Yes i got my hair cut too.

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