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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-05-31 19:03:00

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Current mood: irate

Battle Royale @ Work
so it finally happened. I flipped the fuck out on Dr. Adair. See I did my normal routine, go out and have lunch when i want...i NEVER asked before and NEVER told him i was going for MONTHS and there were never issues. All of a sudden today because I went with my sister and her co-worker who work next door, when i get back he FLIPS OUT ON ME!

He was yelling at me about how i went off to go fuck around and dick around with them and he had to eat shit when a patient came in blah blah so I cursed him out telling him that his mother fucking ass goes on hour long break with the SAME GUY TABBY AND I WENT WITH TODAY to holler at girls, he leaves his patients waiting for an hour and i have to tell them he is doing a procedure or something important so they arent waiting just so he can get his rocks off. I told him he has the NERVE when he cancels a whole day of appointments to go GOLFING. he has the NERVE when i do this EVERYDAY with or WITHOUT patients in the office and there is no problem but the ONE TIME I go with other people he has a fucking problem so I asked him to explain what the fucking deal is really about.

We were screaming and cursing at eachother for 20 minutes before i told him to go fuck himself and act like a real professional doctor for once and I didnt have to take that shit from him when i did NOTHING WRONG. I got my shit and was headed out the door when he lowered his tone and tried to be nicer. Which at that point i told him it was already way too late and i was out of there. Fuck him.

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