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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-06-07 16:50:00

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Current mood: full

I love colleen
okay so in an attempt to make me feel better and get my mind off things, Colleen, after reading my last entry invited me over to make cookies and plant tomatoes and such though me helping was just watching lol. I'm a professional watcher, it's what i DOES.

So we chit chat, look at her wedding photos which were fucking cute as hell, made me jealous all over again, talked about a lot of random shit lol like ghosts and babies and then we hit the tequila. She poisoned me with yummy tequila, I got pretty drunk from it and then when kyle got there after work he caught up and we watched Juno.

I thought it was really sweet though that Colleen tried to get Brendon over there knowing how i was feeling down about it all and though he got off late, he agreed to go out of his way and hang out. THANK YOU COLLEEN. That meant a lot <3

So we drank a little and we all went to bed. We were behaved btw Colleen lol we were too fucking tired to do anything so we past out. He needed to get home so I just drove him home which is why you may notice the stuff in the bathroom is not used lol but THANK YOU FOR YOUR ACCOMODIES :p

*sigh* I like him a lot...we didnt talk much last night, didnt do much of anything really, just slept then i took him home....kind of a waste but at least I got to see him. Tonight is ladies night in Adams Morgan, mayeb i can see him later since i will be in DC

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