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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-06-13 18:52:00

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Current mood: uncomfortable

What the blazing haphazzards?
I can't sleep very well with Brendon anymore. That sucks cuz we used to just pass out comfortably together but since it's gotten hotter neither of us sleep well at all. He was a little down about it earlier. "We HAVE to find a way we can sleep together again because I can't sleep for shit these days and I like sleeping next to you" - I quote.

I agree, neither can I. I went to work straight from his place today and I passed out on the couch in the back room the second the doctor left which was at 2 and didn't wake up until damn near 5pm and i get OFF at 4....i got paid for it though so haha sweet.

It's so nice out but im so broke and gas is not cheap so i suppose im stuck inside all night :/ fuckin ay.

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