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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-06-15 10:59:00

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A little Hot, a little cold
Last night was really fun. Went to Hardtimes with Tabby and Nick. The ususal suspects were there. It was a AWESOME time. i actually PLAYED pool this time and evevrytime i played solo or on a team i won! We had a 9ball screw ball game...two rounds of sheer made up bullshit where if you got #1 in you got a slap in the face, 5 was gut punch, 7 was ball punch, 9 was taint pinching and so on. Nick kept WANTING TO WIN it was hilarious but tabby always got the taint pinch in the end, which means she won both rounds.

I just got the Angelina Jolie Entertainment Weekly mag in the mail. Was looking forward to reading this issue :) now i have something to do at work.

I also just recieved a birthday card form my brother Drew. My birthday was in April but he always manages to do something for me and my sister whenever he can but I never EXPECT him to. I read it and for the first time actually cried...why? because I have another sister and 5 brothers who don't say shit to us. They dont treat us like family, and the ONLY one who does, the only one we are closed to is Drew and that sucks. He is amazing and i love him so much but what about the other 4 brothers?

We aren't the closest family in the world but back when we were younger we WERE. We had the best family events but we just dont anymore. no one talks, I dont get it. Daryl used to be there for us and REALLY treat us like a big brother should up until he went into the Army then he changed, go figure. Now he is just a drunk hermit who had the same gf for 10+ years, FINALLY got engaged to her then dumped her....

It's just sad. I want my family back.

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