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Mari → Baby I'm Bad News ([info]zelos) wrote,
@ 2008-08-10 13:16:00

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2008-08-11 06:39 am UTC (link)
*waves to mari* long time no see

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2008-08-12 05:40 pm UTC (link)
Why hello there!

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2008-08-11 12:14 pm UTC (link)
*waves* Miss Vi insisted that I add you. O^

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2008-08-12 05:36 pm UTC (link)
Well then naturally I added you back!

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2008-08-12 10:46 pm UTC (link)
Yay~! Thank you. O^

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2008-09-19 09:10 am UTC (link)
::Waves:: Hey there. I'm the Demyx from [info]traverse_town and just by your writing, I can tell you're really amazing and talented. ♥ Would you mind if I added you? :3

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