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Jenny Parry ([info]sosuccsexy) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-09-04 08:50:00

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Characters: Jenny, Chuck, & Chuck's family.
Setting: Baker family house, 2013.
Content: SFW.
Summary: Family dinner with Chuckie's parents after their reunion.

It had been a long time since Jenny had been to the Baker house, much longer than she had ever gone before without seeing Charlie's family, and the worry about how today would go was apparent on her face. She sat in Charlie's passenger seat, staring out the window and not really saying much. One hand held Chuck's on the gearshift, and the other rested on the rapidly expanding bump of her stomach. She wasn't much of a chef, not really much of the homemaking type at all, but she was really working to change that that and she had wanted to do something special. She had made shortbread cookies for today because the internet said the recipe was easy, but it wasn't that easy. Most of the cookies that sat in the box on her lap looked rather lumpy and deformed. But they tasted the same, and Charlie said that was all that mattered. Her girlfriend kept trying to assure her that it was okay, and it wasn't like she hadn't ate dinner at the Baker's house a hundred different times before, but Jenny still felt bad about it all. It was the first time she would see Charlie's family since they had gotten back together.

She was behaving pretty well now, keeping herself busy with new mom stuff and being with Charlie was enough to keep her focused and grounded. It was mostly enough to distract her from wanting to go partying, but it didn't entirely squash the urge and it wasn't like she had always been a good girl. She had been downright rotten before, had betrayed Charlie dozens of times, but the younger blonde had still taken her back. Jenny was still adjusting to that fact, that Charlie could forgive her and still want to be with her. She knew her girlfriend kept telling her that her parents felt the same way, that they didn't think of her differently, but Jenny wasn't sure she bought it. She was always wild before, but this was different, she had really fucked up her life and now she was dragging Chuck down with her. Why would Charlie's parents want her to be with a stupid ditz of a girl that obviously couldn't keep her legs closed? That was what her own mom called her, anyway.

Jenny was half sure that dinner tonight might be a set up, that maybe Charlie's mom and dad were inviting them over to dinner to tell them they needed to break up. Jenny loved Charlie more than anyone, didn't know what to do without her, but if Chuck's parents asked her to stop dragging the younger girl down, she would. Even some of her own friends had told her that it was pretty rude of her to expect Charlie to help raise a baby that wasn't anything to her. But Jenny wanted it to be something to her, they already knew it was a girl and Charlie had taken her to pick out really cute pink sleepers and a little crib, and she didn't want to think that it was all for nothing. But if Charlie senior told her that he wanted her to leave tonight, to leave Charlie out of this mess, she knew she would. She was being selfish, even if Charlie insisted she wanted to help. They were just eighteen, what did they know yet?

Charlie's parents had been the closest thing Jenny had ever experienced to real parents who cared about her, and disappointing them, particularly Charlie's father who was one of the few positive men in her life, turned her stomach. She loved them, and Charlie always told her they loved her too. That had been before though, before they knew what she had really been like, before the break-up and before everything she had done to Charlie came to light. How could they love a girl that cheated on their daughter, and ended up pregnant? They were probably just as disgusted as her own mother was with her. She hadn't taken a break from putting Jen down during the whole pregnancy so far. If it wasn't fat jokes, it was whore jokes, and if it wasn't whore jokes then it was genuine put-downs. Jenny's mother never missed a chance to tell any of her kids what losers they were, but her twins especially.

When they were finally pulling onto the familiar Baker driveway, Jenny tensed up, squeezing Chuck's hand especially hard as her girlfriend cut the engine. She turned her head a bit to look at the younger girl from under the hair that had fallen into her face. "Do you really think they want me here?" she asked, for probably the thousandth time since Charlie told her where they were going tonight. She swallowed thickly, turning to stare out the window again, at Charlie's yard, her dad's barn littered with bikes and cars in states of mid-repair.

"Oh, your mom is gonna hate me, she probably hates me already, why wouldn't she?" she choked out after a moment, trying to get herself under control and keep from crying. She didn't want to go inside with her eyes all red and puffy, but her emotions and hormones were a whirlwind lately. "And your d-daddy, too."

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2012-09-07 01:17 am UTC (link)
Charlie had been afraid to tell her parents about getting back together with Jenny initially. She knew that they bother loved the older girl just as much as she did, but at the same time, they were her parents. Anyone who hurt their daughter they were naturally wary of. It had taken some convincing, especially once Charlie had dropped the bomb that they were having a baby, but her parents had eventually come around. The term had died down finally, and Charlie's mom had called her to invite the two of them to dinner to celebrate another school term finished. Charlie was nearing graduation, and with Jenny back, was pulling up her grades once again. She now had scouts beginning to contact her about possible offers once she had graduated. It was a definite change from the beginning of the term.

She knew Jenny was nervous, hell, even she was nervous. Things at school hadn't been easy for Jenny and as much as she tried to defend her girlfriend's honor when she was around, she knew there were times that she wasn't there to help. Jenny's mother and her constant put downs did't help much either. Charlie could tell that the two combined weren't helping calm Jenny's nerves about her own mother very much. As much as she had reassured the girl, she knew that Jenny would continue to ask her if her parents really wanted her there until they told her themselves that they didn't hate her.

"Baby, stop worrying so much," she cooed for what seemed like the hundredth time. "They wouldn't be inviting us over if they didn't like you." She reached over and grabbed the older girl's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "I promise, love. I'm here to protect you now, and I'm not going to let anything happen to either of you. We're a family." She let a small smile slide onto her lips as she said the last part, a family. She was going to have a family with Jenny.

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2012-11-24 03:24 am UTC (link)
"Maybe they're just being polite," Jenny sniffled weakly, turning her head a bit to look at Charlie with watery blue eyes, though she squeezed her hand back. It gave her some reassurance, but not enough. It could be true. Just because Charlie's parents were accepting the fact that they were back together didn't necessarily mean that they were embracing it. She still felt like even if they had to put up with her, they might not like her anymore. How could they be expected to just forgive and forget everything she had done to Charlie? Jenny hadn't even forgiven herself yet.

It was definitely easier said than done to not worry, but Jen nodded a bit, managing to work up a little smile for the other girl. She could do this, however it went, if Charlie stayed with her. "Yeah, a real life family," she agreed, leaning over the small space between them to place a quick kiss on Chuck's lips. "You, and me, and baby makes three. You ready?"

She meant whether or not Charlie was ready go inside, but she realized how the question sounded as she had already said it. Were either of them really ready? They were just eighteen years old, and it was going to be a lot of work, something Jenny had been thinking a lot about as the due date got closer. She didn't want to distract Charlie from any of the Quodpot offers she had been receiving, but at the same time, she worried about being on her own so much if Charlie got scouted to play by some far away team next year.

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2012-11-25 05:38 am UTC (link)
Charlie just scoffed at Jenny's insistence that her parents must be being polite. The fear had crossed her mind several times tonight already, but both her mother and father had told her multiple times that it wasn't the case. She trusted them, and she hoped that they really were being genuine.

She smiled as Jenny planted the small kiss on her lips and gave the girl's hand a gentle squeeze. Was she ready? Charlie felt like she was, knew she was ready to do anything for Jenny, but did that mean she was ready to have a baby? She sure hoped she was. Letting Jenny down wasn't an option, and she was sure as hell going to try her hardest not to.

"No matter where we go, no matter what we do, I'm ready," Charlie stated, cupping Jenny's cheek. "As long as I'm by your side, I'm ready for anything."

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2012-11-25 11:23 pm UTC (link)
Jenny smiled widely at the taller blonde, her lower lip trembling just a little. "You're gonna make me cry again," she warned her, mostly playfully and most definitely fondly. Her eyes were still watery though, as she lifted a hand to wipe at them slightly. "I like, need a smoke before we go in there," she sighed weakly.

She had tried really hard to quit smoking after she and Charlie had gotten back together, but it hadn't gone well. She had been a mean bitch, to say the least, and she only had a month or so to go now anyway. But she didn't want Charlie's parents to know. She needed a cigarette now before she had to go and sit without one for a few hours.

Grabbing her pack of cigarettes from the visor above her, she checked herself briefly in the mirror as well before folding it back up. "Want one?" she asked, taking one out and offering the pack out to Chuck as she fished around for the lighter. Hopefully, this would ease her nerves a little more. When she took her first inhale, she immediately felt better, cracking the window to exhale her smoke.

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2012-11-28 01:18 am UTC (link)
Charlie gave Jenny a small kiss on the cheek, and leaned back to the drivers seat as the older blonde girl fished around for her cigarettes. She definitely didn't approve of Jenny's smoking. She had tried to quit, and Charlie could appreciate that, but it really had to stop soon. There was no way she could let Jenny keep on smoking through the pregnancy. It was bad for the baby and Charlie cared. She shook her head when Jenny offered her one, looking at her lap where her hands were clutched.

"You're gonna have to quit someday soon, baby," she said, timidly. "I know you've been trying real hard and stuff, but if my parents find out, they'll be real mad. And..." Charlie paused, wringing her hands. "It's going to be bad for the baby, you know? Once it comes out and all."

Charlie reached out and took Jenny's hand. She pulled it towards her and gave the older girl a small kiss on the palm. "I would just hate for either of you to get sick. I...I love you both so much."

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2012-11-28 02:50 am UTC (link)
Jenny had sort of known that conversation might be coming, although she had been hoping it wouldn't. She side-eyed Charlie for a moment, pouting around the cigarette between her lips, before turning to face the window as she exhaled again. "I know," she sighed. "I.. you're not gonna like, tell on me are you?" she asked, her eyes wide as she turned back to Chuck.

"I really want to but I.. I really can't. I only have less than two little itty bitty months to go, right baby?" the older blonde tried, watching the other girl wringing her hands. She swallowed hard. She knew that quitting after the baby was born would come up, too.

"Can't we worry about that when we get to it?" she whined, looking up at Charlie as the other blonde kissed her hand. She tried to keep a straight face, but her lower lip began to tremble and she sighed loudly. "I don't even want it anymore," she groaned, turning and flicking the nearly full cigarette out the window, flopping back into her seat and crossing her arms like a kid who had just had her candy stolen. If she was going to be all emotional about it, that made enjoying it harder. "I love you too," she assured her after a beat, though she was still pouting.

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