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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2011-04-07 01:41:00

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Entry tags:insula de virsta, island characters

Insula De Virsta: Character Listing; the Deceased
If you're looking for a specific pb use ctrl-f (press both at once). Type the name into the box that pops up at the bottom of your browser. If no results pop up the pb is free.

Sadly, this list has to be divided into 2.5 posts because there's a post size limit.

Andi Aave through Kouzelheks

Lagrimas Irmoes through Vollmond

The Deceased and Removed

This is where we'll list past characters that have died.

Name: Abraheim 'Abe' Ghislain
Residence: Midnight Cliffs
PB: Tomek Szczukiecki
Player: Joey
Other: Originally a witch, Abel joined the vampires with his guardian, Nataliya, when she decided to leave the Kouzelheks tribe. Sired by Norwood. Killed by Elisabeth.

Name: Danae
Residence: The Black Woods
PB: Stockard Channing
Player: Carol
Other: Aligns with Kouzelnice. Danae is the Head Witch and Tribal Leader. She has an ability which allows her to set people into their right tribes without all of the guesswork. This ability has been passed down her line for centuries. She is the mother of Serene and grandmother to Helen, Gisele, and Heidi. She knows about her third granddaughter, though she is not supposed to. She was killed by Ianthe at Levi's request for some unknown reason.

Name: Gawain
Residence: The Endless Mountains
PB: Boyd Holbrook
Player: Becky
Other: Gawain is the heroic figure of the tribe. He helps Eira lead the armed forces. With his dashing smile and subtle sweet talk, he charmed his way into Eira's arms. No one knows of their secret relationship and he plans to keep it that way. Killed during an ambush on the dark elves village.

Name: Rachel Parrish
Residence: Burnham City
PB: Romola Garai
Player: Carol
Other: A dancer from New York. She has a twin sister, Ingrid who goaded her into traveling on this trip, which they had been forbidden to take by their father. She doesn't have a very good moral compass. Died during childbirth.

This is where we'll list past characters that are no longer played.

Name: Cat
Residence: The Circular Lake
PB: Rachel Lutrell
Player: Carol
Other: Cat has sketchy heritage, which is why she bonded so well with Dimas (both feel like outcasts from their tribe, though they do not often complain of it), besides the fact that they were raised together. Her father was the selkie; she knew him but he died when she was still young and he never officially claimed her (believing it was for her own well being). Her mother raised her and Dimas as if they were a normal merfolk family. Cat is loyal and calm, very smart and strong.

Name: Dimas
Residence: The Circular Lake
PB: Jason Momoa
Player: Carol
Other: Dimas' heritage is a little sketchy. He is part selkie, though he inherited only merfolk traits. His mother was a selkie who had a tryst with Johannes. She died in his early youth (since merfolk are immortal and selkies are shortlived). He was passed to Cat's family to be raised since they understood the importance of discretion about their lineage. He is Cat's best friend; they stick together through thick and thin. They learned to defend themselves at a young age and are often sparing partners. He's strong and quick to judge. Very set in his ways.

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