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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2011-10-10 04:25:00

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Entry tags:subverted under

Subverted Under: Locations
Settings/Locations in Game
The List will be added to as we play and develop more settings.

Located in Burnham City
Burnham City Apartments
The Burnham City Apartments building (or the BCA) is located in the heart of the city. It has 11 floors and is filled with unique tenants.
Burnham University
Located inside the city, has several buildings. Has undergraduate and graduate programs. The campus is somewhat self-contained (students need codes to get into dorm buildings and some campus facilities). The dorms are high rise buildings; the freshman have a specific dorm but older classes are mixed in two other dorms (since many opt to move off campus).
The best damn cakery on the East Coast. Owned by Bobby Eisley (who is also the head chef).
Pigeon's Booksellers
A bookstore down the street from the apartment building, houses a small cafe in the back and cozy chairs in the stacks.
Vengeance Tattoos
A tattoo parlor in Burnham.
Westerveldt & Parrish Law Offices
An elegant and ancient building located in downtown Burnham City. The upstairs offices offer law services to the mundane. The basement however is an entirely different story (offering law and other services to various magical communities).
Located in Pleasantview
Pleasantview Cafe
Owned and operated by Elle Mann. She has a tendency to throw special event parties on random holidays.
Heaton University
Located just outside of Pleasantview (on the opposite side from the asylum). Very prestigious school, mostly rich kids attending. Has an undergraduate program and selective graduate programs. It's a mostly closed campus and the students are largely isolated from the town outside.
Pleasantview Community College
Located within Pleasantview. Home to a lot of college kids who couldn't get into the other two universities. It is a two year program offering associate's degrees.
Pleasantview Mental Health Facility
Located at the town border of Pleasantview. It sits high atop the hill and is relatively closed off from the rest of the community. Previously known as the Pleasantview Asylum it's been around since the early 50s. The facility has been updated in recent years to assist in the short to long term residential health care of those diagnosed with mental health concerns. Bad map.
Located Elsewhere
The Waffle House
Located in Manhattan. It's the one restaurant that Evangeline, Jon and Harper frequent when they get together.
The Town of Charlaine
A strange, dying town full of empty, dilapidated buildings about twenty miles west of Burnham City and Pleasantview; it was (for the most part) abandoned many years back and is now only home to the peculiar.

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