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agnes ([info]agnes) wrote,
@ 2010-11-09 11:14:00

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Go ahead and buy snow pants and snow ugg boots
A warm hat that covers the ears is essential for those long, cold waits at the bus Discount UGG Boots , "L" platform, or Metra train platform. Don't be vain about mussed-up and flattened hair during the winter. I also recommend a …sturdy pair of boots with good treads in the soles for trekking through the snowdrifts and slippery sidewalks. I always carry tissues for the inevitable runny nose and fogged-up glasses. Indoors, I keep a "snuggie" at my desk because it never seems warm Cardy UGG Boots for me.

Go ahead and buy snow pants and snow boots, and a coat that covers your tush. There is no vanity in a snowstorm. (I'm from Kentucky originally.)

I grew up in the cold of New York and thought I knew what cold Classic Short UGG Boots Grey . I visited relatives in Chicago after law school, and they giggled when they picked me up at the airport and saw my leather coat. By the end of the weekend I was wearing a quilted down coat that went way down to my ankles. I recommend the bulky unattractive quilted down coat.

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