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allenreilly111 ([info]allenreilly111) wrote,
@ 2011-06-24 16:35:00

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Piles Treatment

Money is deceitful it has power to possess people while it makes them think they possess it.  It can become the master of a man's should and yet make the man think he is master.  Piles treatment Many remember the old Greek legend of Midas, the king who was cursed with an over whelming love for money.  The god Dioysus gave him the power to change everything he touched into gold.  At first , Midas went about touching al his possessions: his chair, his bed, his clothes, watching with joy as they turned to pure gold.  When he grew hungry however his food turned into gold also.  His little girl came running to greet him, and his touch turned her into a golden statue.  This legend illustrated vividly the curse of the love of money.

The church should be first in our plans to make money.  We should desire to prosper because of what it will enable us to o for Christ and the church.  A young man heard a preacher teach a lesson on putting the church first.  After the sermon, he said to the preacher, "I thank you for the lesson, and want to confess that I have not been putting the kingdom first in my giving .  As soon as I get my check, the first thing I do is to spend it for things that I want, things my wife wants, and if any is left over, we give God a little of that.  But I have learned the truth today and realize that a I have been committing a terrible sin.  But God is my witness, I will never offer to God less than a tenth of my earnings.  It will also be the first tenth.  

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