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Brody Rogers
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Full Name: Brody Shane Rogers.
Nickname(s): Brod, Brodski, The Brody Rogers Experience.
Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA.
Age and Birthday: Seventeen [May 3rd, 1994].
House and Year: Beauregard [11th Grade].

Electives & Schedule:
1- 7:45-8:30 - Transfiguration
2- 8:35-9:20 - Defense Against the Dark Arts
3- 9:25-10:10 - History of Magic
4- 10:15-11:00 - Advanced Herbology
5- 11:05-11:50 - LUNCH
6- 11:55-12:40 - Art Study
7- 12:45-1:30 - Magical Craft
8- 1:35-2:20 - Charms/Wandwork
9- 2:25-3:10 - Latin

Wand: Whippy aspen with a core of jarvey fur, eight and two third inches.
Boggart: Maggots. More than likely, squirming all over her feet and up her legs. Of course, to really scare her, her boggart makes the room very dark.. so we can only hope they're just maggots.
Patronus: Brody's patronus appears in the form of an lioness. They represent letting go of stress, family ties, strength, courage, energy, ferocity, and assertion of feminity.
Animagus Form: N/A.
Religious Affiliation: Her father was raised with a simple Christian upbringing, and her mother was raised in strict Judaism. They had a Jewish wedding at her grandfather's request, but her parents are not particularly devout to either religion. All Brody knows is that either way, she still gets Christmas gifts from her dad's parents, and that is awesome.

Extracurricular Activities:
- School Yearbook.
- Art Club.
- Drama Club.
- International Society.
- Herbology Club.
- Cooking Club.
- Quodpot [Tackle].

Parents: Edgar & Faye Rogers [née Lehmberg].
Siblings: Brett [23; former Rienzi], Stanley [21; former Beauregard], Donna [19; former Rienzi], Joshua [18; Rienzi 13th Grade], February [17; Beauregard 12th Grade].
Extended Family: Loads and loads of them, but none of any particular mention. She has more cousins than she can shake a stick at, etcetc.
Familiar: She has no pets at school, but at home has two dogs that have been around almost as long as she has. They have a huskie & a dachshund, named Chata & Hassy respectively, both of whom she loves dearly. Even if they're too old to be chewing up her sneakers.
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but open. Brody just wants to love and be loved.
Significant Others: None right now.

PB: Kate Nash.

Detailed Description:
Brody's hair is a little curly, a little tousled, and a very rusty red color. In the summer, it's known to look particularly vibrant, and more of a duller shade in the winter months. It reaches past her shoulders in length, and is very wavy and unruly toward the ends. She allows herself to have bangs, which reach her eyes, and often shag over them. She doesn't do much for styling her hair, preferring to leave it hanging down and out, although she will pull it back from her face into a ponytail or something if she's playing a sport, or cooking, etcetc.

Her skin is a bit fair, a trait which runs in her family. She isn't exactly pasty, but she does usually look as if she could bode well with a bit more sun. Which is exactly what she goes for, when she can manage it. She lacks any real sort of beauty marks, just some very faint freckles on her cheeks and nose. She wears a bit of make-up, mostly just some foundation and a bit of eye make up to accent her lashes. She isn't the best with neatly applying make-up, and for years had to have one of her sisters do it for her, which is half of the reason for her apprehension.

Brody's eyes are hazel, and almond shaped with long lashes. Her face is a bit round, just barely chubby, with pouty lips, and a sort of button nose. Her cheekbones aren't near as prominent as she desires, and she finds her jaw to be a bit too square for her liking. She stands around five feet and eight inches, and weighs around average for a girl her age, perhaps just a bit more. She isn't built like some players, but she has a good stature to her, and she could stand her own in a fight. And she has. Her ears are pierced twice, as well as her right eyebrow. Brody also has a pair of glasses that she is supposed to wear, but she only puts them on when she absolutely has to [basically when she is reading or driving]. Most times, said glasses are stuffed into the bottom of her school bag, or left on the dashboard of her car.

In the area of fashion, Brody is a rather free spirit. She is spontaneous, and that is how she does her shopping. She likes a lot of brightly colored tops, and usually wears them with a nice skirt, or with a pair of jeans that look as if they've seen better days. She believes that well worn in clothing are well loved, and thus better to wear. They're comfy, and thus perfect. She's notorious for [against her mother's will] holding onto clothes for literally years, and even trying to squeeze her way into things that she has long since outgrown. Most of these old relics go missing during school vacations, thanks to her mom. She more or less lives for cheap slip-on sneakers. She loves hooded sweaters, and wearing short sleeves over long sleeves, and can usually be seen in one of the two once the weather allows for it. She also quite likes jewelery, whether it's classy & gorgeous, or plastic & tacky, and usually can be found wearing a series of necklaces, bracelets, and loads of rings on each finger.

Likes: Celebrities, designing, decorating, acting, fame, fashion, art, modeling, creativity, creating, ginger & lemon together, sundresses, hot weather, old clothes, sports, Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, talking, gossip, rollercoasters, Los Angeles, animals, activism, trends, entertainment news, movie premieres, fancy parties, thinking up schemes, generally scheming ways to get noticed/be famous, standing out from the crowd, loving her friends, America's Next Top Model, being surrounded by attention, Christmas, her grandmother's cooking, Italian restaurants, tiramisu, like-minded individuals.
Dislikes: Horror movies, bad acting, boring people/classes/moments, turtle-neck sweaters, animal cruelty, fur & leather, snow, being ignored, not being recognized, being snubbed, lack of inspiration, orange pekoe tea, artichokes, being called fat, dirty fingernails, glasses, assholes, private Facebook profiles, complete darkness.

- She is totally shit at herbology, and will openly admit it to anyone who asks. She begged her parents to allow her to opt out of the classes, but there has been no such luck. It's a subject that her mother insists on her taking. In fact, her parents have enrolled her into the advanced herbology course this semester, despite all of her whining. This comes after spending all of last year getting her tutored silly to get high marks in regular herbology. They even made her join the club.
- She has a near constant habit of referring to just about everyone [friends and authority both] as things such as 'hun', 'honey', 'sweetie', 'gorgeous', and so on. It is somewhat of an inherited habit; her mother does the exact same thing.
- She is obsessed with the idea of fame, no matter how she achieves it, and thinks that life should be nothing short of an adventure. Road trips might actually be her idea of true romance. She can't wait to graduate, so that she can travel and visit more exciting parts of the world. Possibly in the back of the van of some dude, she isn't sure yet. It really depends on if any of her friends are willing to tag along to keep her in line.
- She loves ranch dressing and veggies. Or ranch dressing and anything, really. It's the ultimate dipping sauce.
- She is in love with all things related to art. Brody cannot draw for the life of her, but it is about one of the few artistic things that she'll admit she sucks at. She is a very good actress [interested in both film and stage], and a rather talented writer, usually lending a hand in writing for the school productions. She believes that those will be her ticket to her future fame, since she devotes so much of herself into them, and usually gets positive results.
- Brody also has a keen interest in the culinary arts, and figures that maybe she could be a chef one day, if nothing else. She makes a mean cheesecake.
- She can play a variety of instruments with varying levels of success. She is willing to pick up anything and try to learn it, although the hand-me-down bass guitar from her dad is probably her favorite. She is a decent singer, with a low and husky sort of singing voice, learning toward folk-ish music. One of her favorite things to do is playing gigs at coffee houses and other small venues. She operates under the alias of 'The Brody Rogers Experience' when performing.

- Brody is terrified of complete darkness. Even just the light of a cell-phone or a digital watch is enough to keep her calm, but if she's left in total dark, she is apt to freak out. When she was small, her older brothers used to lock her in the basement pantry, and laugh their asses off until their mom eventually came home and hexed them silly. She sleeps with a little night light beside her bed, something only her roommate and closest friends ought to know. Teasing her is not reccommended.
- She is somewhat of a Facebook stalker. She tends to go on and lurk pictures from parties she didn't go to, or to just see what people are doing. She is almost always cruising Facebook on her phone, and often people don't even know that she is reading through their stuff, and poking through their albums. She intends to keep it that way.
- Over winter vacation, Brody lost her virginity to her brother's best friend. Her brother has no idea. The friend is in Rienzi's 13th grade, but she is somewhat avoiding him. He used to be like an extra brother, and now it's just all awkward and strange around him.
- Brody sometimes dreams that she was an only child. Not because she doesn't love her family, even if her siblings have picked on her mercilessly over the years, but mostly because there would be much more money to go around the family. And a lot less inherited belongings. She knows how selfish and awful this fantasy is, and keeps it entirely to herself.
- She almost never wears her glasses, despite needing them. Most people outside of her family don't even realize she needs them, and her parents don't realize she isn't wearing them. It is the perfect crime.

What’s in your characters pockets?: Miniature flashlight, chapstick, Blackberry, guitar pick, elastics, glasses, miniature mouthwash, and more if she is carrying a purse.
Strengths: Acting, writing, music, directing, entertaining, cautious driver, [usually] friendly, good at decorating, good with color coordination, has an excellent work ethic if interested in the subject, willing to help out when/where she can.
Weaknesses: Drawing, herbology, darkness, bad temper, bad eyesight, lazy, slacks off frequently, wears her heart on her sleeve, Italian foods [the key to the heart of a true lady], stays up too late for no reason, arrogant, slightly pompous.
Strongest subject in school: Art Study.
Weakest subject in school: Herbology.
One thing he/she can't live without: Attention.

Detailed personality:
In short, Brody could be explained as spontaneous, quirky, and incredibly independent. She is a tomboy with an artistic twist. One minute she can be playing a sport, down in the mud with the rest of the team, and the next minute she's off designing something new and.. possibly sparkly. She doesn't have much of a shy bone in her body, and is more than willing to introduce herself to strangers, and make a new friend. She does decent in the majority of her classes, though she is far more interested in the arts rather than paying attention to the more boring academic subjects. She slacks much more than she should, and doesn't apply herself well unless pressured. Despite laziness, she's got a wise head on her shoulders, always ready with a quick witty remark or a sarcastic comment, and is quite street smart. She has a lot more common sense than she has of book smarts, but she doesn't mind that a bit.

She is really rather silly, with a good sense of humor, and a very giddy attitude. She is a genuinely chilled out girl, who makes friends with ease, and is very relaxed about doing so. She will literally talk to anyone, especially if they catch her eye; either by annoying her, or impressing her. She doesn't have a problem with crowds, and rarely finds herself feeling awkward, and it allows her to socialize in a large circles of people, all different crowds, practically hopping all over the place. She isn't big on the idea of all that pressure and responsibility junk, and is much more in love with the idea of keeping up the slacking off until she finally becomes famous.

Becoming famous is more than half of why she hasn't decided on a future career just yet, despite urging from her parents and older siblings, as well as some friends. She believes if she can go to Hollywood and make it big, why should she waste all of that time studying? She's a bit skeptical about romance sometimes, and tends to take things kind of slow, despite what rumors people may spread about her. She genuinely prefers snuggling and cute things like holding hands or dinner dates. Even if she can talk the raunchy slutty talk with the girls when she wants to impress.

She has a nasty temper at times, and gets annoyed easily, despite trying to keep it all under wraps. Despite her otherwise relaxed and slack attitude, she has to try hard to keep this temper under wraps as best she can. Or at least, keep it on the sports field. People who belittle others, or victimize the weak, and who just try to give her shit, can get under her skin with ease. And she is very likely to flip out on them. Verbally and possibly physically, depending upon on badly they've pissed her off. She has no problem with aggression, and doesn't mince words. If you happen to step on her toes, and set off the temper, you'll be feeling the full force of it.

One thing that Brody isn't lacking is her confidence. She believes highly in herself, and though she is full of praise and support for her friends, always standing by them and doing what she can for them, she doesn't let herself go unloved for even a moment either. She believes she deserves the best, and that one day she'll have it, after all of her years of hand-me-downs from the siblings and bullshit that she has had to trudge through in her young life. Ditching classes for a 'personal day' are just an average time with Brody; every girl needs some time off to spoil herself.

Personal History:
By the time that Brody came along, the Rogers family was already too full for it. Edgar and Faye were school sweethearts, and already had their oldest child on the way by the time that they graduated from Crescent City; from Rienzi and Beauregard respectively. They both went on to secondary education and stable careers, although Edgar had spent many years planning to become famous for his music, a dream that his youngest daughter would one day inherit.

Before long at all, their family was getting larger; they had three boys and two girls, some of which were barely out of diapers and only one of which was in school, when Faye became pregnant with their youngest child. They decided that six would be more than enough children to handle, and were pleased when their doctor informed them that Faye was having a perfectly healthy pregnancy, and they could expect to be having another little boy join their family.

Unfortunately, that isn't exactly how it went.

Several months later, along came their last daughter. They had been expecting that son, and had already picked out the name [as well as gifts, clothing, & a nursery already painted in blue]. They quickly decided that since 'Brody' was unisex at best, that they would keep what they had chosen, and just roll with it.

And thus, Brody Shane Rogers was brought into their lives.

Growing up, Brody lived a pretty average life. She was the baby of the family, bullied and argued with by her siblings and dotted on by her parents, particularly her father; she still holds a very close relationship with him to this day. Their family was fairly huge even in the extended branches; she had almost twice as many cousins as she did siblings. Their family made decent money, enough to get by comfortably. Even so, none of the children were strangers to hand-me-downs. It wasn't an unusual event to spend the afternoon with her mother, rooting through a garbage bag of clothes her aunt sent over to their house after her cousins outgrew everything inside.

When interacting with other kids, Brody was always a bit boyish. She liked sports, she liked getting muddy, she loved toy cars, and nothing beat being one of the guys. This could possibly have been because the other girls were always picking on her about her name and.. well, the boys seemed much more exciting and welcoming. She always had the affection of her parents, as well as the affection of all five of her older siblings, even if the sibling love was sometimes strained. There was always someone there for her, and it was a support that she enjoyed.

She loves having a mixture of older siblings as well as some closer to her own age. It keeps things even. Even so, she has never been particularly closer to any one sibling more so than any other. Growing up, she usually preferred to play with neighborhood children, and make friends on her own. Which she has always had an easy time doing, practically from infancy up until today. Brody was always a bright child, and loves to see her friends smile, despite her sometimes selfish moments. She hasn't ever had one very best friend; she doesn't like the idea of favoritism, and plus being fluid and flexible is much better than sticking all of your eggs into a single basket.

Brody's family lives in a rather large three story house near the edge of Seattle, pretty far [much to her dismay] from anything remotely important. Well, important to Brody. She hates taking the city bus, and usually has to resort to just that. She lives with both her mother and father, as well as her brother and sister. Her two oldest brothers and oldest sister have all moved out on their own, the last one leaving last after graduation.

When she finally became a student at Crescent City, Brody was extremely excited. She had been begging to come to school with her brothers and sisters for years, and it was finally time. She was overly enthusiastic at first, but as with most things at such a young age, the novelty wore off quick. These days, Brody is more than a bit of a slacker, but is involved in quite a few clubs. From drama to music, she is involved in anything she can get her hands on; anything for a chance to gain some attention for her [self-proclaimed] mad skills. And she even tries to remember to attend all of them.. mostly. She is also a part of the quodpot team, since she has a fondness for contact sports and rough-housing. Something that comes from years of having three older brothers to mess around with, of course.

In the end, now that school is no longer exciting and thrilling, she cannot wait to graduate, so that she can achieve the greatest dreams of all; fame, fortune, and glory.

It's all a matter of time.
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