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Rafe Kirke : United Beater ([info]beefstick) wrote,
@ 2011-07-20 07:40:00

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Current mood:uneasy

So. I was thinking that the girls could maybe, possibly be named after the same color? Like red, for example. Cherry, Garnet, Rose, Ruby, Scarlet? But we could embellish on them a little? Maybe? Possibly? I'm sorry they have no names. Please, don't kill me.

Nearly two weeks old! And still nameless.... The boys want to help with them already. We have such wonderful kids.

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2011-07-20 07:10 pm UTC (link)
Cherry is the name of an ugly stripper, Rafe. So is Garnet---and Scarlet!
I can't believe we've gone this long---but I'm so tired and you're---eh we're the only ones that'll ever know----
Well, I do know that I want Deidra for a middle name, and Bree, but not...Brianna, maybe? That's an embellishment.

But---we have Rocco, we could have a Ruby and Rose :) Do you think that's too silly, twins with the same number of letters in their name?

I really can't believe how bad we are at this.

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2011-07-24 01:11 am UTC (link)
We are absolutely horrid at this. I'm identifying them by blankets.

I like the R names. We should definitely have R names. How easy would it be to mix up Ruby and Rose?

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2011-07-24 01:36 am UTC (link)
Oh my gosh me too :( I hope this doesn't scar them because then I'll feel REALLY guilty.

OKAY! Okay, I am taking the initiative. Purple blanket is Ruby because----ROSALIE! It could be Ruby and Rosalie and that's beautiful! Purple is Ruby and Pink is Rosalie and...you pick where the middle names go.


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2011-07-24 01:48 am UTC (link)
They're newborns! I don't think they'll remember. I hope

Is it bad that I flipped a sickle? Ruby Brianna? Rosalie Deidra?

I feel like the should have red blankets after this.

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2011-07-24 02:01 am UTC (link)
JUST IN CASE: this never leaves us, it will be our secret until death do us part.

Or until they're old enough to find it funny.

Ruby Bee and Rosie Dee, I think those names are PERFECTION!

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