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User:betterthanvoldy (52369)
Name:Gemma Colvin

You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world."
— The Beatles, Revolution

asic info
Name: Gemma Colvin
Age: 31
DOB: 10/21/1980
Hometown: Bluebell Town
Occupation: Revolutionary
Former House: Roanoke
Wand: 10¾" rigid ceiba trunk with boomslang vemon
Boggart: Ellie dying in her arms
Riddikulus: Samir pops out of nowhere and yells "it was just ketchup you dumb bitch!"
Patronus: Blackbird
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Height and build: 5'4 and unintimidating
Scars: Assorted scars from explosions and scuffles.
Fashion: Basic, handmade, and raggedy.

elationships & Family
Parents: Harvey and Diane Colvin
Siblings: Ellie and Edwin
Friends: Samir, Angelique, Shiloh, Alex
Sexuality: Bisexual
Significant other: Nora, deceased

Gemma is driven and brave. She is an excellent planner but she attacks recklessly. She has never backed down from anything regardless of the consequences. She can be rather thick headed and charges headlong into everything. She is passionate and easily worked up. If it wasn't for her right hand man Samir, she would never have learned the art of subtlety.

At first Gemma was a peaceful young woman with revolutionary ideas of equality and coming out to the world as wizards. Over time her ideas became radical as did her measures of getting her voice heard. She turned violent and brutal. She never has to raise her voice to keep her proteges in line, her typical line of defence is to stare at someone until they are unnerved, when necessary... she makes examples of them. She likes to run a tight ship and she's not above killing her own to make sure her point is driven home. Gemma is quietly fearsome.

Regardless of her madness or fearsomeness, there is something about Gemma that is quite charismatic. She is able to keep a cool demeanor, she is able to move an entire audience with her passion despite how audacious her message is, she can be your best friend, she can be your worst nightmare.
Her life was seemingly normal at first. Gemma was born to two magical parents and had a very typical upbringing. She went to Blue Ridge with both of her siblings and loved learning about magic and all it's uses. It was of course at Blue Ridge that she started developing her radical ideas about magical government. As a high school student she felt that there was a sort of superiority that wizards and witches had over muggles, she wanted to come out and let the world know about the magical world and how great it was. Though she believed in magical superiority, she also believed that muggles and magical folks could live in peace. It wasn't until she was seventeen that these ideas changed.

At seventeen, when Gemma was home for the summer before her senior year at BRS, she was attacked and raped by two muggle men while she was walking home from seeing a movie. The experience created a hatred in her that reached to her very core and changed her docile, peaceful attitude forever. She would keep this secret to herself but the change in her was clear. She became more radical and rather than living in peace she began to think that perhaps muggles should be subservient or better yet, just dissipate. She got into a lot of trouble during her senior year and was given many talkings to about how serious a matter it was that wizards be kept secret. It was a miracle that she was accepted into Blue Ridge University.

Gemma began dating a girl from her transfiguration course her freshman year at the University. Her name was Nora and she too held revolutionary ideas. Nora sort of calmed Gemma down and kept her level. It was because of Nora that Gemma quieted down her ideas about muggles and getting rid of them entirely.

When she graduated from University in 2003 she and Nora moved into town together and started working on a small campaign for magical pride and radicalizing the magical government. They put out a lot of flyers and held rallies and protests but nothing ever really came of it. Over the years Gemma began to revert back to her more radical approach on things, getting more and more worked up.

In 2006, Gemma, Nora, Ellie, and a few others staged a protest outside one of the GAAW offices in Atlanta. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest but stuck in her ways Gemma was sure she brought weaponry. Incidentally, her home made pipe bomb exploded in her car while Nora and Ellie were still stuck inside. Nora was died in the hospital two days later, Ellie's vocal chords were damaged beyond repair and she would never speak again.

Gemma was disowned by her parents and brother after the incident. She retreated into the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains where she built herself a small, primitive cabin to seclude herself from her own shame and anger. The seclusion made things worse for her and instead of healing, she became even angrier and without anyone to anchor her she dove into madness.

When she met Samir Marciano it was like a perfect storm. With her burning idealism, charisma, and already radical ways and Samir's art of subtlety and taste for the blood, the two made the prefect team. They now lead a small group of rebels and revolutionaries, holding weekly meetings and planning for the downfall of the wizarding government and eventually the downfall of muggle society. They're recruiting pretty heavily at the school now.
Schools:None listed
People42:alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, beautifulbeozar, betterthanvoldy, biggestbro, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, eddiebedwetter, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, garbagepailkid, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, sim, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, stopthat, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedarkestangel, thedirtysouth, therubixcube, twinsies, voodoochild, wash_away, whipandchill, wipeoutqueen
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Friend of:35: alwaysdtf, alwaysontop, applebapple, babyface, betterthanvoldy, blueridgefac, blueridgemod, brnpc, btchholdmypurse, charliemanson, eddiebedwetter, excruciatus, frenchfancy, frontside_air, letitbe, luvagoodpianist, mamabear, michimonster, nowords, ojandtostitos, onlywaiting, prettylies, rabbitrabbit, samtaro, shenandani, softlysoftly, sosuccsexy, sunnygarcia, texasranger, thedirtysouth, thepack, therubixcube, voodoochild, wash_away, wipeoutqueen
Member of:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2011-09-08 12:21:51
Date updated:2011-09-08 12:24:54, 454 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:1
Comments:Posted: 51 - Received: 0
Posting Access:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool

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