August 7th, 2011

House Information and Sorting @ 08:03 pm

Sorting: On the first night that students arrive on school grounds, first year students are handed a plain white, circular badge. After dinner, the first years are rounded up and brought to the front of the hall. One at a time, students place their badge in a black velvet bag that is held by the headmaster. The headmaster closes the bag, gives it one good shake, and then retrieves the badge from inside the bag. The white badge will have transformed into one of the house badges, indicating where that student will best fit. The head master pins the badge to the students clothes and sends them to sit with their new housemates.

Appalachia house
Head of House: Hudson Mucha
House Colors: Turquoise and silver
Mascot: Wolf
Description: Appalachia house has always been described as good, old dependable. Appalachia students have always persevered. They are hard workers, teachers, and pathfinders. Loyal to their friends, intuitive, and kind, Appalachia students make wonderful listeners, tutors, and friends.
Shenandoah house
Head of House: Amelia Gray
House Colors: Red and black
Mascot: Alligator
Description: Students from Shenandoah tend to be the most ambitious of the students at Blue Ridge. They are survivalists, able to adapt to any surroundings, cunning, and aggressive. Sometimes savage, sometimes kind, there is one thing all Shenandoah's have in common; to be the best.

Roanoke house
Head of House: Candice Walker
House Colors: Orange and white
Mascot: Brown bear
Description: Brave, fearless, and perhaps a bit headstrong, Roanoke students will never back down. They are nurturing, protective, and fierce competitors. It has been said that the Roanoke common room is the loudest place on campus.
Quirank house
Head of House: Andy Sweet
House Colors: Mint green and brown
Mascot: Crane
Description: Quirank house has turned out some of the brightest wizards and witches in their time. They are known for their quick wit, vast knowledge, and dedication to learning. Others may call them nerds but Quirank students are true innovators.

Shawnee house
Head of House: Liam Knight
House Colors: Purple and gold
Description: Shawnee house is home to the creative students on campus. Artists, musicians, and inventors alike flourish in Shawnee house with the help of other students and their wildly creative house parents. Many great collaborations have come out of Shawnee house.
University house
Head of House: Molly Denton
House Colors: Navy blue and light blue
Mascot: Badger
Description: University house is where all the University students live and thrive together regardless of their former houses. It is a place for growth and learning. Their house parent provides guidance and late night study sessions in her own apartment as she is a night owl anyways.

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