September 5th, 2011

Dorm Life @ 09:24 pm


Student dorms:
Dorms are split up by house and houses are separated by years. Each dorm has a fully functional kitchen, a common room, a porch, bathrooms, and an attic. The common rooms are on the ground floor of every dorm and supplied with couches, chairs, televisions, computers, and work tables. There is also a fire place in each common room and they are attached to the Floo network for easy transportation to and from the school. The Floo network is closed to the dorms for most of the year but open on holidays and move in and out days. There is a large bathroom on each floor for the students that live on that floor. Floors are split up as follows: 1-3 years on the first floor, fourth years on the second floor, fifth years on the third floor, sixth years on the fourth floor, and seventh years on the fifth floor.

First through third years are split into groups of 4-6 students who share larger rooms on the first floor. These rooms are equipped with the necessary beds, desks, and dressers. Fourth through seventh year students are paired up into room mates and share smaller rooms. These rooms are equipped with two desk, two single beds, two dresses, and two small closets. Each floor shares one bathroom. There are singles available for students with special needs (an allergy or a disability). Singles come with their own bathrooms.

University house is a bit different. University students are no longer split up by their former houses. Their dorms make up half of University Hall that goes up five stories. The ground floor, like all the other houses, is home to the common room, the kitchen, and a porch. Each floor up from there is a suite. Suites are divided up by year and made up of 1-8 singles. Suites are only divided by year, not gender. First year university students are one the first floor, second on the second, and so on. Although housing is provided, second, third, and fourth year university students are permitted to live off campus and commute to classes, as are students with special circumstances.

Each house is set up with a head of house, someone who is on staff. Each head of house lives in an apartment in the basement of the dorms. There are also student prefects who are picked by the head of house at the end of each school year. Student prefects are junior or senior students who have shown to be exemplary students in the past. They are expected to report back bad behavior to the head of house. They are allowed to confiscate illegal items but illegal items must be brought to the head of house immediately. At the beginning of each school year two senior students who were prefects are appointed to Head Boy and Head Girl. They have the same responsibilities as prefects but a little more power in the school. They are able to dole out referrals to the heads of house and to the headmaster himself.

Curfew for 1-3 years is 9pm and for 4-7 years 11 pm on weekdays. University students have no curfew though they are expected to observe quiet hours (9pm-6am). Students are expected to be in their dorms by curfew. For 1-3 years this means in their individual rooms, 4-7 years are permitted to be in their common areas after curfew but they must remain in their dorm building and observe quiet hours.

For off-campus living there is the Mountain Top Apartment building. There are ten floors and ten apartments on each floor. The apartments range from one bedroom to four bedrooms and can comfortably fit up to eight people in the bigger ones. It's a pet and familiar friendly complex and there are low rates for students.

Head Boy and Head Girl: Unnamed Boy & Jennifer Parry

Head of House: Hudson Mucha



401: Emma Thompson & Unnamed Girl


Head of House: Sawyer Gray



401: Eden-Rae Lee & Ruby Sykes

501: Danielle Quentin & Alexandria Quentin
503: Charlie Baker & Unnamed Girl

Head of House: Candice Walker




501: Sylvia Sasaki & Erica Kauffman
503: Faith Fortune & Unnamed Girl

Prefect: Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau
Head of House: Andy Sweet




501: Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau & Meka Palakiko
502: Sasha Starikov & Unnamed Boy

Prefect: Hendrix Turner
Head of House: Liam Knight




502: Hendrix Turner & Unnamed Boy

Blue Ridge University
Head of House: Molly Denton

Suite One
101: Sunny Garcia
102: Apple Evans
103: Ella Parry
104: Jennifer Parry

Suite Two
101: Melchor Ruiz
102: Bastian Dubois
103: Abram Starikov

Suite Three
101: Julian Prideaux
102: Marney Sykes
103: Hope Fortune

Suite Four

Off Campus
Mountain Top Apartments

Fourth Floor
410: Rath Donnelly

Seventh Floor
708: Leland and Eddie Rivera Sykes

Teneth Floor
1010: Hunter Sommer, Michiko Passos, Mackenzie Dubinsky, Tatum Donnelly, & Isamu Sommer-Passos

Black Bear Road

1 Black Bear Road
Ichirou Sato and Sawyer Gray

2 Black Bear Road
Adamo Lisi, Matthew Chen, and Cecelia Hernandez

3 Black Bear Road
Simon Rodriguez, Ceasar Rodriguez, and Teodoro Ramirez

4 Black Bear Road
Ellie Colvin

5 Black Bear Road
Elliot Jenkins and Paul Richards

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