September 5th, 2011

Student Handbook @ 10:21 pm

At the beginning of each year students are given handbooks which have a map of the school grounds, codes of conduct, and other rules set for them by the faculty.

Blue Ridge School Handbook:

Code of Conduct:
1. While in class students are expected to treat their teachers and classmates with respect. Rude, disruptive, and abusive behavior will be punished.

2. Students are to remain in the school uniforms while they are in classes. They are permitted to wear street clothes at any other time in the day.

3. Truancy and unexcused absences will lead to detention.

4. If students are caught in sexual situations with another student on school grounds, both students will receive a week of house arrest.

5. Vandalism and bullying are not to be tolerated.

6. Be on time. If a student is late to class more than three times, they will receive a detention. If a student is continuously late they will be sent to the head master for a discussion.

7. Curfew for 1-3 year students is 9pm every night. Curfew for 4-7 year students is 11pm on the week nights. There is no curfew on the weekends for 4-7 year students.Quiet hours are always 9pm-6am and are to be observed by everyone.

8. There are to be no illicit drugs or alcohol on campus. Prefects, Head Boy & Girl, and Head of House may confiscate them if found.

1. Students caught fighting will receive one detention on their first offence. On their second offence they will receive a week's worth of detention.

2. Students caught skipping class will receive one detention on their first offence. From then it will depend on personal situations.

3. If a student is out of their dorm building past curfew they will be put under house arrest, the length of time is TBD by house parent.

4. Students caught breaking curfew will be given detention the first time. If a student is caught a second time breaking curfew they will be give house arrest for a week. If they are caught more than three times though, their weekend privileges will be taken away.

5. Students caught with drugs and alcohol will be submitted to a full room search and given house arrest for a week. Their parents or guardians will be notified of this offence. Second offence will lead to a three day suspension from classes and extracirricular activties.

6. Serious offences will lead to more severe punishments which will be discussed with the head master.

Blue Ridge University Handbook:

1. Disruptive, rude, and abusive behavior are never okay in a classroom setting. Be respectful to teachers, classmates, and guest lecturers.

2. University students do not have a uniform but there is a dress code. Please do not wear offensive or revealing clothing to class.

3. A student is allowed up to three unexcused absences will lead to the student loosing five points from their final grade in the class.

4. Turn papers in on time! For every day that a paper is late, the final grade of the assignment will loose one point.
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