September 5th, 2011

Extracurriculars @ 10:58 pm

Sports Clubs:

House Quodpot
Quodpot is an American version of quidditch that was accidentally created when one Abraham Peasegood's wand came into contact with a Quaffle in his trunk. The result was an exploding quaffle which came to be known as a quod. The game is played on brooms between two teams of eleven players, the offensive team tries to get the quod in the pot at the other end of the field before the quod explodes. The game is played much like American football. Each house has their own team shown here

Shenandoah House: Teodoro Ramirez
Appalachia House: César Rodriguez
Roanoke House: Simón Rodriguez
Quirank House: Cecelia Hernandez
Shawnee House: Matthew Chen
University House: Kiera O'Reilly

Coached by Candice Walker and Oliver Witherspoon
Quidditch is a game from HP canon. It is a game played on brooms between two teams of seven players. It is not as popular in the US as it is in Europe so there are only two teams at the school. Every other Saturday is a quidditch game, the first game of the month is always against the other magical schools with quidditch teams. The second game is a home game, team one against team two.

Each house has their own cheerleading squad. Each team has a cheering captain who is an upperclassman (11-12) who schedules practices and teaches the other cheerleaders. There have never been cheer coaches. The teams switch off who cheers for quidditch games.

Muggle sports: Danielle Quentin, Mackenzie Dubinsky, Jessica Sommer, Shelby Ginnish, Sim Buford, Erica Kauffman, Leland Rivera Sykes
Mentored by Paul Richards, muggle sports is a relaxed intramural club that meets Mondays and Wednesdays after dinner. The kids learn different muggle sports, play, and goof around a lot.

Staff mentored clubs:

Dance: Sol Garcia, Michiko Passos, Charlie Baker, Meka Palakiko, Rath Donnelly, Hope Fortune
Mentored by Mei Overstrum
Dance meets every weekday in the dance hall from 4-6. Dancers are not expected to come to every class. Mei teaches the students jazz, contemporary, and classical ballet. Mei will hold extra dance classes on the weekends if students ask her to. They put on two productions each year, one of which is a collaboration with the choir and band.

Art club: Mackenzie Dubinksy, Hendrix Turner, Ella Parry, Apple Evans, Faith Fortune, Leland Rivera Sykes, Rath Donnelly
Mentored by Flora Daniels
Art club is always open, Flora barely leaves her work studio where she holds her classes and allows students to wander in, listen to music, and work on their art.

Choir/Band: Melchor Ruiz (Drums), Tatum Donnelly (Guitar), Jennifer Parry (choir), Hendrix Turner (piano), Ella Parry (choir), Sol Garcia (choir), Julian Prideux (rhythm guitar), Shelby Ginnish (Drums), Meka Palakiko (flute/piccolo), Erica Kauffman (paino), Apple Evans (ukulele/violin), Sasha Starikov (piano)
Mentored by Liam Knight
The kids are scheduled accordingly to meet in groups whenever they have time before or after classes Monday through Friday. Liam pulls the whole group together every day for the week before the concerts to make sure the whole group is harmonious.

Garden club: Tatum Donnelly, Sol Garcia, Ella Parry, Apple Evans
Mentored by Otieno Toure
Garden club meets on Thursdays in the afternoon. Otieno lets the kids work in the green house and in the garden and learn magical techniques for growing flora.

Cooking club: Sol Garcia, Sylvia Sasaki, Erica Kauffman, Rath Donnelly, Ruby Sykes
Run by one of the University culinary students
Meets on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon at the University's culinary kitchen. They cook, bake, and hang out. They do a lot of speciality cooking.

Debate team: Michiko Passos, Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau, Alexandria Quentin, Faith Fortune, Ruby Sykes
Mentored by Penelope Jackson
At the beginning of each month the students offer topics and each week Penelope picks one of the suggested topics and emails it off to the students. The students have the whole week to prepare their arguments. Come Friday the students meet in Penelope's room after classes and argue. At the end of the debate Penelope picks a winner and then buys everyone pizza.

Outdoor club: Melchor Ruiz, Jessica Sommer, Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau, Shelby Ginnish, Apple Evans
Mentored by Elliot "Jinx" Jenkins
Jinx organizes outdoor adventures for every Sunday depending on student interest. He has taken the kids hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Newspaper: Tatum Donnelly (photographer), Bastian Dubois, Hendrix Turner (writer), Charlie Baker, Sasha Starikov (writer), Faith Fortune (photographer)
Mentored by Tara Whitting
The students meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after class to discuss what they want to write for the next edition of the paper.

Yearbook: Jennifer Parry (writer), Ella Parry, Charlie Baker, Ruby Sykes, Hope Fortune
Mentored by Baxter Campbell
Yearbook meets the third Thursday of every month to collaborate pictures and quotes for the yearbook. Baxter gives them cameras to use throughout the year.

Dueling Club: Michiko Passos, Danielle Quentin, Jessica Sommer, Alexandria Quentin, Shelby Ginnish, Erica Kauffman, Leland Rivera Sykes, Ruby Sykes
Mentored by Michael Cooper and Samir Marciano
Dueling club meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after class. They are not expected to show up every day and Michael is pretty flexible about meeting with students on other days as well.

Student Sponsored Clubs:

Gaming club: Danielle Quentin, Tatum Donnelly, Hendrix Turner, Shelby Ginnish, Meka Palakiko, Rath Donnelly, Emma Thompson
These kids pretty much hang out all the time, they forgot when their actual meeting day is but every second Saturday of the month they sponsor Game Day and invite others to come play tabletop, video games, and online games with them.

Wizards Chess: Jennifer Parry, Bastian Dubois, Hendrix Turner
Students meet in whatever house is sponsoring the club that week on Tuesdays after dinner. They usual play in round robin style tournaments so everyone gets a chance to play. The club will occasionally hosts a tournament when there is a large student interest.

Book Club: Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau, Jennifer Parry, Hendrix Turner, Julian Prideaux, Meka Palakiko
Students meet in the library on Wednesdays after dinner and discuss their favorite books.

Pride Club: Mackenzie Dubinksy, Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau, Jennifer Parry, Eden-Rae Lee
Pride club celebrates diversity and the whole spectrum of gender and sexuality. They meet Wednesdays after classes.

Movie Club: Tatum Donnelly, Eden-Rae Lee, Julian Prideaux, Shelby Ginnish, Rath Donnelly
Every Friday and Saturday night the students rent out the theater and play the most recent movies released. They fund their movies nights by selling tickets and concession snacks.

Speciality clubs:

Events Committee: Michiko Passos, Jessica Sommer, Alexandria Quentin, Shelby Ginnish, Hope Fortune
These students hold meetings and discuss dances and parties. They vote on themes and they have to work with the student government to get funds.

Student Government:
The schools elected officials and goverment. They sponsor student events and budget class funds for all the different clubs.

President: Meka Palakiko
Vice President: Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau
Secretary: Jennifer Parry
Representatives: Hope Fortune

Honor Society: Sol Garcia, Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau, Jennifer Parry, Hendrix Turner, Sylvia Sasaki, Meka Palakiko, Hope Fortune
Mentored by Cordelia Haines
Students must be recommended by a staff member for this club. These students are gifted, having shown tremendous talents through their years at the school, they are set academic challenges, extra thesises, and justly awarded for all their hard work.
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