September 5th, 2011

Wizarding Community @ 11:14 pm

Community and Locations outside of the school:
Wizarding Community
The League of American Wizards (LAW): Similar to the Ministry of Magic. Located in Washington DC.
Georgia Association of Wizards (GAAW): A branch of LAW governing Georgia's wizards. Located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bluebell Town
Bluebell Town is a quiet mountain town tucked away in the Blue Ridge mountains. It is a safe and secluded home to Georgia's wizards and is full of shops that supply and entertain the townspeople and the student body. There are several restaurants and households tucked away in the town.

Bertrum's Books
A book shop stuffed with all imaginable kinds of books. From magical to muggle and anything in between. The shop itself is unorganized to all except for it's owner Bertrum Bulby. Amid the chaotic piles he can find any book he is asked to find within minutes.

Bluebell Park
The park is at the town's center. It's a sizable park with a gazebo, a few picnic tables, a small pond, and a few ice cream truck vendors.

Cosmic Lanes
A bowling alley that offers midnight bowling on Friday and Saturday nights.

Dino's Diner
Twenty four hours a day, Dino's Diner has been serving inexpensive diner food to the community for twenty years now. It's home made Southern cooking at it's best.

The Dive
Despite the name, The Dive is a popular bar among the University students and the some of the younger crowd. Mixed drinks, cheap draft beer, and pub food.

Georgia Athletics
Sports equipment store mostly for quidditch and quodpot. They are responsible for supplying custom uniforms, t-shirts, and hats for Blue Ridge School and University.

Happy Little Cupcakes
Cupcakes, cakes, breads, baked goods, and sugar candies are prepared by a former student of the culinary school and a small group of magical bakers, many current culinary students are given internships and part time jobs here. Customers can make special requests in advance. Parents of students have been known to order birthday packages for their students while they are away.

Mike and Carl's Place
A coffee shop that opens early and stays open late. From straight up black coffee to fancy coffee drinks they brew the best. And you can never just have coffee, they make muffins, coffee cake, and order in fresh baked goods from Happy Little Cupcakes.

Mountain Top Apartments
Mountain Top Apartments is a quaint apartment complex in town that is home to younger townsfolk and some of the third and fourth year University students. Apartments are 2-3 rooms with one bathroom, a kitchen, a sizable living room, a screened porch or balcony depending on the floor, and several closets. The community has access to a swimming pool, a business office, and a small work out room.

Mountain Wands Emporium
A local wand shop that makes it's own wands and imports wands from other wand shops across the country. They also import from Canada and Europe if there is a special request.

A wizard's pharmacy. They carry all your pharmaceutical needs, potions, and herbs.

Quills is a Blue Ridge school run shop. Here students can find all their school needs. Quills, parchment, cauldrons, bottles, hoodies, wizard made lap tops, art supplies, and anything else they might need for the school year.

Rags and Things
A locally owned clothing shop that carries robes, school uniforms, and street clothes.

Super Nerds
A comic book shop that sells both muggle and magical comic books. The shop is run by two quirky nerds, Angie and Phil, best friends in nerdom. They hold tournaments on Saturdays, each tournament is posted at the beginning of the week and they vary from table top to video game.

The Alchemist
A micro-brewery, pub, and family restaurant. The Alchemist offers hot pub food, cold drinks, family entertainment, and pub quizzes every Thursday night from 7pm-9pm. There is open mic night on Fridays and karaoke on Wednesdays.

The Bluebell Zoo
Magical and muggle creatures are kept here in humane conditions and magical structured habitats keep them happy and give them a little piece of home.

The Green House
The herbology shop which supplies herbs, magical seeds, and gardening supplies.

The National Museum of Wizard History
A museum that covers the history of wizards in America. There are many school trips here and a student discount.

Puppies and Owls
A pet shop that supplies not only a selection of school sanctioned familiars but pet supplies as well. They also have a supply of pygmy puffs.

Spectre Theater
The local penny theater that was restored in 1990. They only play wizard movies and all the seating is vintage theater.

Blue Room Art Gallery
A local art gallery that puts on a student art show every spring for Blue Ridge school. There is a student discount for Blue Ridge.

The Play House
A magical fun center for students and adults alike. At the Play House one will find cheap pizza and beer, magical arcade games, indoor mini golf, and other fun activities for wizards.

The Sugar Shop
An ice cream parlor and sugar candy shop. With over twenty home made and unique flavors there is something for everyone. Hard ice cream, soft ice cream, yogurt, custard, sundaes, and malted milkshakes, and sugar snacks, this is the perfect place to end a hot day in the sun.

The best in wizard entertainment. Wizard made CDs, vinyl, movies, video games, and posters. Anything pop culture, WE has it.

Fort Nox
The Wizard jail in Bluebell Town.

Dragon's Den
The shadiest place in Bluebell Town, a tattoo parlor that stays open 'til the wee hours of the morning and after midnight they rarely ever check ID especially if you have the cash to pay.

Magical Schools
British Columbia, Canada: Victoria College of Sorcery
California, USA: Pacific Coast Institute for Magic
Cape Town, South Africa: The Academy for Magical Advancement
Georgia, USA: The Blue Ridge School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
France: Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic. All girls school.
Illinois, USA: The Prairie School for Magical Learning
Jamaica: The Queens School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Mexico City, Mexico: La Escuela de la Magia del Sol. Spanish speaking school.
Montana, USA: Big Sky Magic Institute
New York, USA: Dresden Academy
Quebec City, Canada: L'Ecole Royal. French speaking school.
Scotland: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Texas, USA: Los Alamos Magic Academy
Undisclosed Location: Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning. All boys school.

Magical Colleges:
Georgia, USA: Blue Ridge University
New York, USA: Dresden University
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