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Auxiliary Staff

Head Master: Ichirou Sato
Ichirou is the new headmaster of Blue Ridge School. Young, inexperienced, and a bit soft at the core, he doesn't seem like obvious leadership material and there are serious doubts going around the school about his ability. This year will definitely prove if he can handle the new responsibilities.

PB: Masi Oka

Played by: Becky

Docor: Kia Dubinsky
Stuff about Kia!

PB: Kristin Bell

Played by Riley

Docor: Adamo Lisi
Blue Ridge is Adamo's alma mater, he returned to the school to become the school's doctor. He is a good friends with headmaster Sato and spends his extra time trying to help out his old friend.

PB: Zachary Quinto

Librarian: Lenora Williams
Lenny is an eccentric, quirky woman. She has been caught re-shelving the books in the library using levitation charms.

PB: Dakore Egbuson

Counselor: Jenny Hough
Gentle and nurturing, Jenny always wanted to work with children. She genuinely loves her job and she's good at it.

PB: Lenora Crichlow

Groundskeeper: Ellie Colvin
No one knows much about her because she literally doesn't talk, an accident caused her to loose her voice five years ago.

PB: Gemma Arterton

Played by: Becky

Head Chef/Shenandoah Quodpot Coach: Teodoro Ramirez
Cranky and hot headed but a most excellent cook, Teodoro reigns supreme in the kitchen. He smokes in the kitchen. Teo came back to work at the school after getting kicked out of the National Quodpot League for getting into too many fights.

PB: Benicio del Toro

Core Staff

Advanced Transfiguration/ Animagus Studies/ Dueling Club: Michael Cooper
Quiet and calculating. Michael is intimidating nonetheless and students never question his authority.

PB: Idris Alba

Astronomy/ University Head of House: Molly Denton
The daughter of a muggle astronaut and a wizard astronomer, Molly was always a night owl. She used to watch the sky every night with her father while they waited for her mother to come home from her missions in space. She's an ethereal being and often found on top of the astronomy tower.

PB: Anna Torv

Advanced Herbology/ Shenandoah Head of House: Sawyer Gray
It was a surprise to see Sawyer show up on campus so soon after her mother's death but after speaking with Ichirou it was clear that the fiery woman would take her mother's position at the school. She's spirited, unique, and hopes that not only will she help heal the community but herself as well.

PB: Katrina Law

Played by: Becky

Transfiguration/ Honor Society: Cordelia Haines
Cordelia is eerily in tune with the people around her. Some wonder if she doesn't have second sight. Nice and understanding as she is though, it's not wide to cross her. She transfigured a student into a mug once when he was bullying another student in her class room.

PB: Nichelle Nichols

History of Magic/ Appalachia Head of House: Hudson Mucha
Hudson is just a jovial history dork. He can't seem to help himself and will enthusiastically talk about history for hours if allowed.

PB: Patton Oswalt

Potions/ University Quodpot Coach: Kiera O'Reilly
Kiera is a second generation American, both sets of her grandparents were muggle Irish immigrants who had moved to NYC. She grew up in NYC surrounded by muggles and was the only one of her family to show magical ability. She was sent off to Blue Ridge School in shame but learned how to deal with her faith and her magical ability while at school. She's fun, fierce, and open.

PB: Nicole Kidman

Latin/ Dance Coach: Mei Overstrum
Growing up in a bilingual household, language always came easy to Mei. She is the newest and youngest member on the staff having just graduated from Dresden University with her degree in Languages and speaks several languages fluently.

PB: Janel Parrish

Muggle Academics/Studies/ Muggle Sports: Paul Richards
Fun, hysterical, and boistrous, Paul Richards grew up in a mixed muggle/wizard family. His love of both communities lead him to his career as a muggle studies professor in a magic school. He's a huge goof ball and often holds staff v. student muggle sports games.

PB: Zach Galifiniakis

Care of Magical Creatures/ Advanced COMC/ Appalachia Quodpot Coach: César Rodriguez
César Rodriguez graduated from Blue Ridge University in 2004 and returned two years later when he and his brother Simón were asked to come back and fill in faculty positions. He's spunky, energetic, and just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.

PB: Sandro Dias

Defense Against the Dark Art/ Roanoke Quodpot Coach: Simón Rodriguez
Simón Rodriguez, the older brother of César Rodriguez, was always known for his light hearted pranks in Blue Ridge's halls. He returned in 2006 to teach DADA and coach his former house's quodpot team. He is rambunctious and still known to pull pranks with his brother.

PB: Bob Burnquist

Advanced Potions I and II/ Quirank Head of House: Andy Sweet
Strange, quiet, and a little bit of a mad scientist. Andy Sweet is brilliant but awkward and often ends up trailing off mid sentence.

PB: Neil Patrick Harris

Herbology/ Garden Club: Otieno Toure
Otieno is one of the most laid back professors on staff. He's been at the school for years and blares reggae music from the green house every day. Otieno gives his students extra credit points for delivering rare magical herbs to the potions professor Kiera O'Reilly. It's his subtle way of flirting with her.

PB: Tiken Jah Fakloy

Charms/Wandwork/ Quidditch Coach: Oliver Witherspoon
Slightly frazzled and disorganized, Oliver is nearing retirement but too proud to admit it.

PB: Sam Waterson
Elective Staff

Ancient Rune/Arithmancy: Aiko Aomori
Aiko Aomori is not the easiest of people to understand and she's a little bit of a hardass, she mumbles a lot and has a thick Japanese accent. When she gets really excited she speaks in broken English but she takes the time to make her students understand what she needs from them.

PB: Kaori Momoi

Spell theory/Wandless/ Yearbook: Baxter Campbell
Baxter is an old school scholarly kind of guy. His whole office is drowning in books and he's often loaning them out to staff and students alike. "I've got a book on that" has been his year book quote for years.

PB: Anthony Stewart Head

Cultural/Ritual Magic/ Shawnee Quodpot: Matthew Chen
Matthew was a foreign exchange student to the US when he was in high school. He had a bit of cultural shock jumping into an American school system but it spurred an interest in culture and ritual. It was this fascination that lead him to his double degree and later his career.

PB: John Cho

Art/Magical Crafting/ Art Club: Flora Daniels
Flora is a world traveller, after having graduated from University she went on a back packing trip that lasted for three years and she supported herself solely by painting and and crafting magical artifacts. She's good in the classroom but every once in a while she gets stuck on a topic and ends up telling adventure stories.

PB: Bryce Dallas Howard

Divination/Advanced Divination I and II: Maryanne Davies
A bit of a flake but a genuinely kind person, Maryanne Davies knows all the techniques but has only ever had a few truly clairvoyant moments in her life.

PB: Susan Hampshire

Flying/Advanced Flying/ Quirank Quodpot Coach: Cecelia Hernandez
Cecelia is a former professional quodpot player, she retired after a knee injury. Her little brother Jamie is a professor at Dresden. She's proud and responsible and has a bit of a sweet side.

PB: Angela Aki

Lanuages I, II, III/ Debate Coach: Penelope Jackson
Penelope wears red lip stick and stilettos to class to intimidate her students. She loves having foreign exchange students as it allows for her to learn new dialects.

PB: Krysten Ritter

Environmental Magic/ Magical Botany/ Outdoor Club: Elliot "Jinx" Jenkins
Elliot Jenkins or Jinx as the student body calls him, is the wild man. His position is one of the newer ones at the school with the ever growing concern for the environment. Jinx practically lives outside though he owns a small cabin at the end of Black Bear Road.

PB: Adam Savage

Music/Band&Choir/ Shawnee Head of House: Liam Knight
An English transplant and childhood progeny of music. By the time he was thirteen he could play almost any instrument that was handed to him. He's a brilliant musician and is always open to giving music lessons in the Shawnee common room.

PB: Jim Sturgess

Combative Magic/University Quidditch/ Roanoke Head of House: Candice Walker
Candice is effectively, the school's BAMF. One of her hyena like laughs is enough to make anyone stop in their footsteps.

PB: Roseanne Barr

Literature I and II/ Newspaper: Tara Whitting
Tara is the quintessential bookworm and only Baxter's Campbell library is bigger than hers. She often wanders around the building with her nose in a book and bumps into things along the way.

PB: Angela Coulby
Other Staff

Teaching Assistant: Samir Marciano
Seemingly quiet teaching assistant with a bigger secret than most people would imagine.

PB: Shiloh Fernandez

Played by: Robyn

Head Auror: Aaron Ellis
A cranky cop who's got it out for Gemma Colvin.

PB: Ryan Gosling

Played by: Robyn

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PB: PB Name

Out of Commission Staff

Former Advanced Herbology and Shenandoah Head of House: Amelia Gray Amelia was a fighter and a tough woman. She stuck to her guns and she worked incredibly hard her whole life. At the beginning of January 2012, she was murdered in her office by radicals.

PB: Glen Close

Character: Character Name

PB: PB Name

Character: Character Name

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Student Interns

Medical and Therapy Intern: Tatum Donnelly Tatum is helping out in Jenny Hough and Adamo Lisi's offices.

PB: Ronja Korhonen

Assistant librarian: Michiko Passos
Michi is doing some work-study with the librarian.

PB: Meisa Kuroki

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