August 7th, 2011

Rules and FAQ @ 07:53 pm

OOC Rules
1. Don't be a douche bag. Stuff is going to go down in character that we don't like, don't take it personally and don't start drama. If you post something on RP secrets or some other site like that, it's grounds for removal. No one likes an ooc bully so if there is unsavory behavior in chats, there will be a warning and if the behavior continues it's grounds for removal. If there is a problem or you don't like the way things are going, talk to me! We can work it out and come to a solution that makes everyone happy!

2. Spelling and grammar. Check, check it.

3. Limit to seven characters. Unlimited NPCs. Go nuts! I changed my mind! Go nuts anyways! No character limit.

4. Godmodding is not okay. Don't do it.

5. You must be 18 or older to play, there will be adult content in threads and such.

6. Player knowledge and character knowledge are two different things, make sure your characters aren't reacting to things they don't know.

7. Most importantly, have fun!


Must I always play students?
Of course not! Faculty, adults around the community, students, siblings, and others are all acceptable. All University faculty is open but if you would like to adopt a current faculty member from the lower school, just talk to the moderator first. Not all the threading has to happen on school grounds. This is our world, so let's expand it! If you have any ideas for new locations, just talk to me and we can work on it together!

What's an NPC and how do they work?
An NPC is a non-playing character. Most of these characters will be student parents or siblings or other people in their lives. There is an NPC journal that's usable by the entire community and all your NPCs can go on there if you would like. They do not need a full application but there is some information we need to know.
NPC's Name:
Relation to character:
Who they'd interact with:
Are they alumni? If so, house and year they graduated.
Any other info you want to share:
PB: Make sure your PB isn't being used by someone else in game first!

Can I play cannon characters?
Nope. Original characters only please!

When is the game set?
Present day!

What sort of technology do the students have access to?
Students have access to the World Wide Wizard Web while they are on campus. They may access the muggle web from the town center. Cell phones are permitted and they work on campus at all times but if a student is caught using a cell phone in class they will be given detention. Each dorm room is set up with a land line.

What about underage magic?
Wizards come of age at 17 in the magical world. Underage students are not allowed to perform magic without the presence of an adult outside of school grounds.

How do journals work?
Character journals are first person and in character except for OOC announcements, introductions, and any other OOC information you would like to share which can all be posted to the OOC community.

How are scenes written?
Scenes are written in third person, past tense. You can write them in thread or log form using AIM or google docs. Please use this format at the top and don't forget to use an lj-cut for long scenes:
Characters: Who
Setting: Where and when
Content: Brief description of what's happneing
Rating: Is it safe for work? Is there naughty words?

I have other questions that haven't been answered!
It's chill. Just shoot me an email or an IM and we can chat. I'm extremly flexible and this community is all about playing what you want to play and when you want to play it. Have plot ideas? Great! Let's talk about it! Want to see something else in the community? Awesome, let me know!
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