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Auxiliary Staff
Jillian Hulett
PB Lindsay Duncan

Calculating and brilliant. She is frequently forgiving of her students and a bit lax about the school. She imagines if the machine works there is no use greasing the cogs.
Irene Hulett
Head Chef
PB Helen Mirren

Sister of the headmistress. She spent several years bumming around Paris and learning French cuisine. She could have opened her own restaurant along St. George's Way, but she opted to cook at the school (a decision which irritates her sister to no end).
Robin "Weeds" Fortin
PB Richard Dean Anderson

It's not exactly his dream job, but he can smoke a lot of weed, drink a lot of booze, and still manage to do his work without getting into much trouble. He's been known to fix a lawnmower with a paper clip and a rubber band.
Matilda Quinn PhD
PB Fionnula Flanagan

Tongue in cheek doctor. She knows her business and she knows what kids really get up to. As many wisecracks as she makes to the children she keeps patient confidentiality at the top of the list.
Michaela Rochette
PB Kali Rocha

Born a squib. She's too entrenched in wizarding society to give up her life among them completely, but she can't stand the snotty, little children playing so freely with magic. She doesn't allow any casting in the library.
Nathaniel Dawkins PsyD
PB Ben Kingsley

Dr. Dawkins is a highly educated muggle born wizard who chose to pursue two paths. He studied psychology at an American university after graduating from a European magical academy. After attaining his PsyD he decided he wanted to work with students and took up a post at Dresden. He serves as psychologist and counselor, helping students with both the mundane details of school and their complex emotional interactions.
Rhys Llewelyn
Security Officer
PB Eoin Macken
Player: Sara on [info]warsome

Transplant from England. Graduate of Hogwarts. Studied to become an auror and was offered a post at Dresden.
Alistair Burke
Security Officer
PB Aidan Turner
Player: Nina on [info]purist

Transplant from England. Graduate of Hogwarts. Studied to become an auror and was offered a post at Dresden.

Core Staff
Christine Allen
Muggle Academics/Studies
PB Carrie Preston

Muggle born witch who teaches openly about her experiences with culture shock from wizarding to muggles (and the other way around) and the best ways to adjust in either direction.
Markus Behrend
Coaches Quidditch
PB Moritz Bleibtreu

He teaches curse words to the first years on the first day of class just to get them interested and engaged in the learning process.
Gerard Best
PB Jarvis Cocker

Best is a little weird and not entirely "at home." He likes to test his experimental potions on himself.
Val Crinshlow
Coaches muggle sports
PB Jason Momoa

Known fondly by the students at Professor Pothead; Val loves his weed and he's very good about sharing it. He figures the kids are going to learn about it eventually, might as well let them get the full experience under supervision.
Orenthal Langley
House parent for Hulett
PB Jimmy Jean-Louis

Extremely nice and very patient professor, though his size makes him an intimidating presence.
Maria Morgendorfer
Care of Magical Creatures
Coaches cheerleading
PB Karen Allen

MILF wife of Seamus Morgendorfer.
Seamus Morgendorfer
Life Science
Oversees Dueling, Cooking, and Yearbook Club
PB Bill Murray

Married to Maria Morgendorfer, which seems to earn him instant respect from his students. Seamus has a great sense of humor, though he's very practical.
Pilar Olivier
Coaches cheerleading
PB Dichen Lachman

Former professional cheerleader for a quodpot team (she won't say which one). She has a real gift for charms and discovered she had a talent for teaching it.
Frank Smith
Flying/Environmental Studies
Coaches Quidditch, tends St Georges Farm
PB Mat Hoffman

Likes to hang out with Crinshlow and Hernandez behind the herbology labs. He's a bit of a risk taker/adrenalin junkie.
Lucy Tell
History of Magic
PB Sarah Lancashire

She's a bit of a disciplinarian in her classroom, but out of the classroom she's a saucy broad (never in front of the students, mind you).
Gerlinde Von Brandt
Defense Against the Dark Arts
House parent for University
PB Dianne Wiest

Despite that she looks like a sweet, old woman, Gerlinde is an accomplished witch who worked for the League of American Wizards as an auror. She retired after a dangerous mission that lost one of her younger fellows and took up a post teaching.
Douglas West
House parent for Clemons, oversees detentions
PB Preston Lacy

He's something of a badass despite his small stature. His motto is "once a Clemons, always a Clemons."
Elective Staff
Jaime Hernandez
Language I, II, III
PB Lincoln Ueda

Likes to hang out with Crinshlow and Smith behind the herbology labs. Knows more languages than you can shake a stick at.
Marianne LaForte
Runs Choir and Orchestra
PB Ingrid Michaelson

A bit of a free spirit. She accidentally flirts with her male students.
Clive Montgomery
Spell Theory
Oversees the Honor Society
PB John Malkovich

Doesn't have a sense of humor. He takes his classroom very seriously.
Pete Rosenthal
Art/Magical Crafting
House parent for Hudson, supervises photography club
PB Bill Bailey

Whacky, fun, artistic type. He rules his house with an open hand and is given to fits of feng shui (rearranging all the furniture he can get his hands on and charming the walls to change their paint color every other day).
Pike Setzer
Literature I and II
Oversees the school paper
PB Hunter S Thompson

Many of his classes denigrate into impromptu stories from his youth. The students love the one about the three weeks he spent in the desert high on mescaline and looking for a ride home.
Divya Singh
Cultural Magic
House parent for Putnam
PB Padma Lakshmi

Street smart, world traveler who loves to share her experiences.
Amalia Vass
Combative Magic
PB Toni Collette

Used to work for the Eastern European Ministry of Magic. Has owned three wands, the first two destroyed (one in a duel and the other at her work). She has a false leg, a fact she doesn't hide but many students are unaware. The loss of her leg caused her forced retirement from the ministry and she moved into teaching.
Brennan Weeks
Ritual Magic
Runs the Drama Club
PB Amanda Palmer

Typically reclusive visionary. Brennan gave up her career as a performance artist to teach, seemingly on a whim. She's very intense.
Octavia Whalon
Divination I and II
PB Cree Summer

Something of a polar opposite to Mother Criss. She approaches her gift with warmth and kindess, though she occasionally blurts out the things she sees (and apologizes profusely if they were meant to be secret or were just embarrassing).
Advanced Staff
Claudia Anderson
Advanced Transfig I and II/Animagus Studies
House parent for Champlain
PB Mira Furlan

An animagus herself, she tends to gear her transfiguration classes toward the end goal of turning oneself into an animal.
Mother Criss
Advanced Divination
PB Maila Nurmi

A terrifying woman with clear perception and a sharp tongue. She'll cut down any student to cross her. Rumor has it she was a great beauty in her hey day.
Lars Holden
Advanced Herbology I and II
Coaches Quodpot
PB John Noble

Frowns on Crinshlow's habits, especially when his students turn up to class bleary eyed with the munchies.
Betsy Livingston
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures I and II
Oversees the Dance Troupe
PB Susan Coyne

Probably the nicest teacher on campus. She's very lenient with her dance students and wants them to enjoy what they do rather than suffer through it.
Templeton Morse
Advanced Potions I and II
Oversees Potions club
PB Patrick Stewart

Oftentimes he's the favorite professor of the student body. He's also the resident bad ass teacher, breaking up fights with a single, quiet word and hauling kids off to detention one handed.
James Walsh
Wandless Magic/Apparation
Coaches Quodpot
PB Terry Kennedy

Another resident bad ass. Students don't mess with P. Walsh.
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